Saturday, April 4, 2009


This whole Dana White video rant thing is just weird. Apparently ESPN wanted to give him some cover, and they gave him a stern lecture from one of their reporters about how fag is a mean word.
Not one report that I've seen has directly addressed the fact that Loretta Hunt still stands 100% by her story. Is the UFC witholding credentials for fighters' managers? The UFC's attitude towards the press is another issue that needs to be addressed, also.


babosanko said...

I notice some hate for Luke "My shit don't stink" Thomas on this blog. Much praise lol. My friend recently called into his dumb self-promotion radio show and basically called him out on what you say here. Check it out if you want

It starts at 25:58 and basically just let's him know that some people think hes a fuckin jackass for his ways.

Keep fighting the good fight against this dickwad who has an invalid opinion no matter what platform he has to express it.

garth2 said...

well, i appreciate the props, but I really don't think there's such a thing as an "invalid" opinion. A stupid one, yes. Delivered by a pile of dick jam, yes. But invalid? Nah...if that was the case I'd never get to open my mouth.

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