Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Banned! I won't make any lame shirts. Maybe

Dear Luke Thomas: I knew you had no balls. You'll ban, then act like you're a media outlet (you're clearly just another blog, albeit a big one), rather than take any criticism at all, you huge douche. The irony is that the post I was reading when I realized I'd been banned was one where Thomas retardedly calls Kevin Randleman's bizarre rant "brave". Randleman also states he's "not Rampage. I'll go to jail for beating this guy's ass" (as if it was one person who said that, and not thousands of folks opining)...A) Why the sudden shot on Rampage? and 2) is it fearlessness or fucking stupidity? It's nor fearless to go, in a situation where it's CLEARLY not merited (ie NOT IN COMBAT), fucking nuts and hurt someone who is obviously no match for you (unless it was 'Page blogging), it's sociopathic. So, Luke Thomas loves sociopaths, and people who want to hurt others smaller than themselves. Of course, he was a Marine at some point, so that makes it all right. I guess.

That gets me back to the fact that Thomas was writing about bravery when he clearly left his own back in the Corps. Well, in honor of being banned (it's hard to make new accounts, I know), I'll say this:

Also, to be clear: Kevin Randleman's talk about beating people up who talk about him is stupid, disgusting, and makes everyone in MMA look a little more like idiotic street thugs. I guess 'roids stay in there fucking your brain up longer than anyone knew, huh Monster? What, he's going to beat me up? At least it'll be FOR something, rather than just a random steroid freakout where he imagines I'm a goblin eating his foot or some shit. So, good work Kevin. Good job representing your sport. If we do meet, I'll eventually (I hope) get out of the hospital, but you'll never get out of jail.

Add: Commenter on the Fighthype post puts it perfect:

Now Mr. Randalmen is upset because someone wrote a critical article about him because he dodged a tough opponent. He'll whip the reporters ass, and the fans' ass and on and on. He should have been concentrating on whooping Feijao's ass and he wouldn't have been perceived as such a pussy in the first place. You get paid to get punched in the face Randlemen!!! Quit your bitchin and stop dodging fights!!

Can you say pwned?

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