Sunday, April 19, 2009

Luke Thomas says Anderson Silva is a fraud.

I don't want to be thought of as just a Luke Thomas hater, but man the guy comes off as the snobbiest snob in Snobtown. His old lady high dudgeon is obnoxious. And the tepid nature of the irate comments as well..."Anderson Silva has very little shame"? Along the same lines..."Mugger is somewhat unfriendly"..."Shark shows passing interest in whale carcass"..."Luke Thomas engages in mild self-caricature".
He also claims that most guys who flop to pull guard are usually finished. Nicely vague, but there's counter examples of guys flopping, running, or whatever and not being finished. Quarry-Starnes Lister-Okami come to mind.
It's too bad he'd throw down such mild language, because what he's accusing Anderson Silva of is deliberately not finishing the fight. Of course he argues from authority, saying basically to believe him because he's so smart. But still, that's quite a statement, and it's an accusation basically of fraud.
Anderson Silva, Luke Thomas wants to know: Are you a fraud who's deliberately not fighting to finish?
If that's so, do all the bookies in the world also have some questions for Silva?

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