Friday, February 26, 2010

Barry vs. Cro Cop

I like this matchup. But I'm getting tired of people predicting that "feared knockout artists" aren't going to go to the judges. Of course they can. Especially if it's two of them, and one doesn't have a clear-cut advantage somewhere. We've seen it often, especially with counter fighters.
I'm still jacked for the fight. Either Barry does his Cain Velasquez impersonation and steps way up against a legend, or Cro Cop continues his lateral climb to retirement. Either way, it should be good.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

UFC 110

Well, that was a pretty entertaining card all around. Not one of those fights disappointed me, except for Bonnar-Szlkjga;lgjafsadfski not being called a No Contest (hopefully they'll look it over and rethink the outcome, Bonnar doesn't deserve that result from a head strike). I wish Wandy had opened like he finished, and I hope Bisping gets shown the door soon. Ryan Bader had the misfortune of bringing a wonderful KO win when Big Nog was passing the torch in the main event, losing the kid a KO of the Night bonus. Ryan could be a real force at 205 as he grows. Jardine on the other hand may be done in the UFC. I guess it's good to have mid-level gatekeepers, but I don't know that a contract is necessary for that.
Sotiropolous-Stevenson had a shitload of letters and a lot of great grappling. I didn't think Sotiropolous had that much game on his feet, and apparently neither did Jose Padre. Great top control for the underdog. Fight of his career so far.
Cro Cop on the opening PPV fight...he had to win convincingly. I thought he looked good and aggressive. His grappling and sprawl were good. We'll see what happens when he fights a real FL put it, no one can "squash a can" like Mirko.
Fun night of fights. One thing though, the UFC has to find a way to get at least one five-rounder on every card. It just bugs me. DO it UFC!

Friday, February 19, 2010


I'm watching the Best of Pride show on Spike, and they just showed Silva vs Kondo, where Wanderlei stomped Kondo out. Why did only Rampage point out that Silva grabbed the ropes illegally on his winning series? Where were the gangs of tiny hand-and-rope-grabbers that Pride had generally employed? I think I've posted about this ten times. It bugs the shit out of me.

Not Kosher, Frank Mir

Subo at Fightlinker is pissed about Frank Mir's radio comments. I can't say I disagree with him.

[Frank Mir] “I want to break his neck in the ring. I want him to be the first person that dies to Octagon-related injuries.”

[subo] I’m on the verge of wanting Mir/Carwin called off and Frank being fined and suspended indefinitely.

Honestly, Frank got a little graphic there. He went too far. What's the UFC going to do? My guess is "blow smoke up our asses" and then nothing.

Bravo Jens

Via ProMMA Radio, Jens Pulver isn't ready to hang his shit up yet.

"I was very close. I was done. I just didn't make the announcement. I told Dana and everybody that it was over. The name Jens Pulver was done.... That's the mortality I was talking about after the fight. People were rushing me to say goodbye to something I've done my whole life. I got really bitter about it. This is all I've known my whole life. This stuff saved my life. And people are gonna tell me when I'm done? F**k that. I'm gonna tell myself when I'm done. I don't care if I lose twenty straight fights.... I enjoy training and I enjoy competing. The athlete in me ain't ready to die yet."

As long as he's fighting sanctioned fights and not getting massacred, do what you love Jens. Same with all these guys. Mark Coleman (sorry if I shit on you before), keep fighting if you want it. Randy, Dan, Tank, even Sylvia. Go to town, guys.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I dunno what cage tater is confused about

In a recent post they titled "Whatchoo talkin' bout Bobby Lashley?" CP says that Lashley's statement:

"Either let me fight the way I want to, build up and get a few fights under my belt and then work my way up there, or let me fight the champ."

[...]the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Why? He either wants to build up (or "pad" if you're feeling less than charitable) his record and skills, or get the biggest money fight he can get. That's neither dumb nor hard to understand. So I guess what I'm saying is I'm a-maized they're corn-fused.
Sadly for Brett he's in a shitty spot right now...he already lost to Fedor, but he's too dangerous and too unknown for any other top heavyweights to really want to mess with him. A fight with Rogers is a no-win proposition for Lashley, who's got the opportunity to actually make a name for himself provided he runs his game right. Think about it...he main asset right now other than some great athleticism, good takedowns, and decent ground and pound, is his name. He's gotta leverage that as smartly as he can.
I'm constantly surprised by people getting upset that these guys want to get paid for their fights, and want to maximize that paycheck as much as possible. Writers can write all the way up to their last breath. Fighters only fight for a relative few years. What other career outside of athletics are you considered too old for in your forties?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Vitor did the right thing

Or so he says. But did he deserve to fight for the belt in the first place? This whole saga is weird. He's got a couple 185lb wins, Terry Martin and Matt Lindland, and a 195lb win over Rich Franklin...why does that qualify him to be fighting for the belt? I know that question was already brought up but it seemed to be just dropped by the blagassfeer. I know they've got a pretty thin talent pool for people to take that shot, but they honestly could have come up with someone who'd won a UFC fight at 185lbs, I'm guessing. Nate Marquardt or a not-left Dan Henderson, for instance (yes I know Nate lost, but before the Sonnen fight he was on a tear.

I agree with everything CP says


I feel a little bad for Joey Beltran

Joey Beltran recently had an interview posted where he mentioned he feels "a little bad" for Rolles Gracie. I personally don't feel bad at all for Gracie...whatever his excuse or reason for that performance was, that's his to bear. He did the work he did. The guy I feel bad for is Joey Beltran. He had an adrenaline letdown himself, and fought through it; he took a super-short-notice fight against a much larger guy, and won. Now he has to field questions about how bad Rolles Gracie looked? Fuck that shit. Congratulations Joey! You beat that guy's ass. Good job. Rolles will either get better or go back to pure grappling. Joey deserves a nice fight at 205 or 185 so he can strut his stuff.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weird thing

UFC 108 and UFC 109 were bereft of championship bouts. Yet there's two coming up that have two championship fights each, one in Abu Dhabi.
I'm annoyed.

Monday, February 8, 2010

What was wrong with Rolles Gracie?

I don't fight in a cage for a living, so I'm not going to dump TOO hard on Rolles Gracie, but honestly, that performance was just crap. He seemed to gas out after a minute. Did no one tell him it was three five minute rounds? I'm actually thinking he had a huge adrenaline rush when the fight started and had nothing after it wore off. He's a young dude, I hope he improves his cardio, or gets over the ring butterflies, because he could be a force in the heavyweights.

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