Thursday, April 29, 2010

TUF thoughts

Thank god I had the DVR working last night. I like how they have started making Tito look like he's a fuckup in advance of booting him/his retirement/whatever the fuck lead to him lobbing Jenna around.
That kid Josh looked like a lot of the fighters they have on that show, solid chin, excellent power, but no discipline or skillset. If he'd just listened to Hackelman he would have KOd that clown easily. I'd like to see him develop a lot, he could have potential. He's a little short for 185.
Again, what's with guys showing up with no cardio? It's like, over eleven seasons, no one has figured out that they go on the show to fight for up to fifteen minutes. I've speculated before that the adrenaline dump may be partly a factor (not original thinking, stuff I've heard from fighter blogs and interviews etc), plus the weird situation of fighting in front of a handful of people and almost as many cameras. Still...they know that's going to happen too. Just once I'd like to see a fighter who's not utterly sucking air at the start of the second round.
The Dana White-Chuck Liddell "mad dog" teaser was a bit of a curveball. Of course, they're 'bros' as I believe the children say these days, which in turn would mean they are in front of 'hos'. Thus it is unlikely the spat is anything more than just that.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jim Genia rules

He makes wit da funzors:

Controversy has once again reared its ugly head, this time with the news that, in a bout between Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz that occurred earlier in the day at the pair's Huntington Beach residence, the much-maligned cageside judge Douglas Crosby scored all three rounds in favor of the ex-pornstar.

My stepbrother this morning texted me with "I bet Tito gassed out after about a minute". Stay classy fellas! This signals the end of my attention and concern for Tito Ortiz, as he ceased being a viable damn mixed martial artist five years ago.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

There are few things I won't shell out $45 for

  • Jose Aldo seemed to be sticking to a gameplan like glue. I thought he could have finished Faber more than once, but didn't want to give even the hint of an opening to the California Kid. And yes, Faber is overrated. He's a top-tier fighter, but he's no longer a top five featherweight.

  • Manvel the Anvil broke my heart. I thought MTB would get him.

  • Leonard Garcia was given a very early Xmas gift.

  • Benson Henderson, random exclamations at invisible sky people aside, is the fuckin' man. One small mistake by the cocky Cowboy and it's all over. And the way Cerrone tapped you know that choke hurt.

  • It was weird seeing Goldberg and Rogan announcing the fights, but they did a fine job.

  • Cowboy and Mike Thomas, despite being some of the best fighters in the world (in my book), need to do some serious thinking on their games. Changes are in order.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Diaz brothers didn't instigate

Rodriguez does it again. Takes a whole point ("EVERYONE SAYS THE DIAZ BROTHERS STARTED IT!") and misses badly. It's not who started it, which was petty clearly Mayhem and Shields (Jason deserves blame too), it's that fucking Nick and Nate were pounding on Mayhem while he was held down, including kicking him in the ribs, on the part of Nate I believe.
That's the point. That Shields or Melendez threw a punch matters little. That the whole Gracie camp is a bunch of retarded thugs does, however, matter. I scrap between two fighters, with some shoving, is one thing, it happens. The full-on gang warfare type attitude the Diaz brothers and the rest of the Gracie kids display is fucking idiotic and shouldn't be rewarded. It made me sick to watch.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


EXPLAIN TO ME WHY DIAZ STANDING THERE KICKING A DOWNED MAN IN THE RIBS, WHILE HE'S BEING HELD, IS ANYTHING OTHER THAN A FUCKING DISGRACE. Fuck these idiots. Nick and Nate were the reason this shit happened, period. Fuck those guys.

Mauro Ranallo, you're more of an idiot than I initially thought. Stupid.

Monday, April 12, 2010

UFC 112 kind of sucked

  • Anderson Silva, whatever the fuck was going through your head, get it out. You should have finished that fight a million times. If you want to prove something to Demian Maia, prove it by knocking him unconscious. You're a great fighter but you lost a lot in my eyes.

  • Dear everyone who is making a stink about the 50-45 scorecard in Edgar-Penn (Which I too think is ridiculous): You cannot say the judge, who's flitting around the internets, did not explain himself. He said this, "And, in my considered opinion, Edgar dictated the tone of the fight, successfully implemented and executed a strategy, landed better strikes, and basically outworked Penn." End o' story.*

  • BJ looked like he knew he lost going to the scorecards. Something's wrong with him, he had a lot of doubt in his eyes and he looked wobbly as hell on that wrapped knee.

  • Renzo needs to learn how to check kicks, or how to be ten years younger.

  • Who was that pretending to be Rafael Dos Anjos? He looked awesome, whoever he was

  • I can't imagine the oppressive cloud of knock-off cologne that was choking that arena to death...hopefully there was a breeze or something

*Please Note: That doesn't mean I think he's right, or that the scoring was accurate. It DOES EXPLAIN WHAT THE JUDGE WAS THINKING.

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