Monday, April 19, 2010

Diaz brothers didn't instigate

Rodriguez does it again. Takes a whole point ("EVERYONE SAYS THE DIAZ BROTHERS STARTED IT!") and misses badly. It's not who started it, which was petty clearly Mayhem and Shields (Jason deserves blame too), it's that fucking Nick and Nate were pounding on Mayhem while he was held down, including kicking him in the ribs, on the part of Nate I believe.
That's the point. That Shields or Melendez threw a punch matters little. That the whole Gracie camp is a bunch of retarded thugs does, however, matter. I scrap between two fighters, with some shoving, is one thing, it happens. The full-on gang warfare type attitude the Diaz brothers and the rest of the Gracie kids display is fucking idiotic and shouldn't be rewarded. It made me sick to watch.

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