Monday, August 31, 2009

Dear MMA Blogosphere pt 2

Please...fucking please...don't just use spellcheck. Send your shit to someone. That way you don't have people challenging Anderson's "thrown" instead of his "throne". You get your 'you're' and 'your' right. 'Their', 'they're', and 'there' ceases to be a mystery. And all those homonyms that clearly, Brock Lesnar hates, they just resolve nicely.



So this guy has a White Pride tat and a swastika.

This guy has a huge "Brown Pride" tat across his chest (he's a natural born US citizen, the white pride guy is dutch or norwegian or something viking-y).

I understand that Nazis did a lot of killing and were generally just total jerks. What if it said "Norse Pride or something? I dunno. probably don't mean much...when someone says "White Pride", you pretty much know they mean they're big racists, whether they try to gussy up that pig with an "Its not hate, it's love" dress or not. Its a question of history: the white pride guys lynched, burned, raped, killed, and conquered. the brown pride guys did considerably less of that.

good article at MMAJ

Right here on Jake Rosholt picking up a win in the UFC. I gotta admit the kid looked a lot better, a huge amount better, than he did in his last couple fights, the loss to Dan Miller and the sloppy mess against Nissen Osterneck.
I like what he had to say about Yves Lavigne handling Leben's near-tap. A lot of guys tap once and try to take it back. Ask "They took my" Dollaway how he feels about single taps.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

you know

If "Grim" stays at range, and jabs, he can beat Fedor. But he'll have to be able to impose his will on Fedor, which few people have been able to do. I'm thinking of Andre Arlovski's fight with Fedor. Take away an ill-advised flying knee attempt and you have a fight completely dominated by the Pitbull. Of course you can't take away that flying knee attempt, or the head trauma that accompanied it. So, if Brett Rogers can keep Fedor at the end of his arms, he can win. Much like the assassin spider evolved fangs (and a neck, really, look it up) longer than its body to keep the poisonous prey it fed on away from its soft bits, Grim will need to keep the deadly Russion off his soft underbelly.

Should be a fun fight.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dear MMA Blogosphere

Please, please please: I could give a shit what Dana White thinks about Strikeforce, Fedor, or Brett Rogers. So don't talk about it. It doesn't matter.

Thank you,

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Evangelista-Aina overturned

So Billy Evangelista complained his way to a no-decision following "Iron" Mike Aina's fake-ass DQ win. Good for him. No one's coverage seems interested in pointing out that Mike Aina is now officially a total fake-ass jackoff. Way to go Mike! I'm sure any fans you've acquired over the last few years are ready to puke in a pineapple.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Don Frye still rules

Here, Don explains why he left the M-1 Global fight against King Mo. Also included: subtle digs on Dana White (well, not subtle), and assessment of Pee Wee Herman (the big one, not the public masturbator).

Friday, August 21, 2009

Kickass Brandon Vera interview

James Iannotti at put together a cool interview with "The Truth". Definitely worth a read. Vera's funny and straightforward about wins, losses, and where he stands. I like that, when Iannotti asked him about the Werdum stoppage, he mentioned talking to Dan Miragliotta and "everything's cool". When pressed, he said, "That's between me and Dan, but everything's cool." No bullshit, just the facts, no making garbage up. I hope they put him up against Tito Ortiz if Tito wins against Old Man Coleman.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Good ruling in re five round non-title fights

Excellent news from the NSAC: They will now allow five-round non-title fights, with the caveat that the fighters are of "championship caliber". That seems a bit fungible, but still, good stuff. I think the fighters should be allowed to go five if they're guaranteed a shot with a win, ie a #1 contender fight. We'll have to see how it works out.
Brock Lesnar-Shane Carwin coming up, maybe, in November. Seems like an interesting matchup, possibly the only guy in the UFC as big as Lesnar. At least until they sign Bigfoot Silva when he gets off his 'roids suspension.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Dear Gina Carano

If you're going to be that much slower than your opponent, you better hit a whole lot harder.

PS Your rack still rules.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

strikeforce thoughts

it just came on here on the west coast. fabricio werdum's interview was really earnest and respectful. what a kickass job. he did that for his mom!

matt fuckin hughes

they're doing this UFC 100 thing, since I don't get to watch gina-cyborg live i'm sitting here waiting til it comes on at ten pacific. every goddamn hughes fight they show, matt hughes talks it up to lessen his own failures or however he was outmatched. in the second GSP fight he talks about how the "low kicks", which hughes implies are to the groin, caused him to drop his hands, leaving him open to the high kick. then they show the lame, sloppy-ass shot that hughes was trying right before GSP damn near shinned his head off, and hughes looks like a clown. again.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


"SportsNation" commercial on ESPN, showed a tweet from someone saying "There is not a human alive right now who could beat Brock Lesnar in an MMA fight". That's so amazingly stupid it inspired sudden posting. I can think of ten people right now who can beat him, easily. Fucking Frank Mir could beat him. Good lord, there's a series of light heavyweights who could beat him. He may be huge and fast, but he's not fuckin' invincible.

Ugh. All that said, I'd still like to see Brett Rogers vs Brock Lesnar, that would be a solid matchup.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

oh yeah

I forgot to mention how bummed all the Marv coverage got me. You notice how BJ wouldn't talk about him after the fight? He ran out instead in old-school BJ fashion? It's because Marv fucking flipped out on his people and it nearly came to blows. You don't make friends with BJ by trying to fight his brother when discussing business matters.


The Grim

Showtime just showed Brett Rogers/Jon Murphy and dammit, I want this guy in the UFC. I know he's raw still, but 6'5" and 265? GET THAT FUCKER IN THE OCTAGON. I like the smack Team Bison runs, I like that they had Big Black in the cage after KOing Murphy, I just want this guy beating down UFC HWs to set up a fight with Lesnar at some point.

They're showing Villasenor vs Baroni. What a joke Baroni's become. He's basically running off his rep from Pride.

This is a little weird

I'm utterly stunned by the lack of a barely-coherent protestation of innocence from Nick Diaz, his management, or his pot dealer. While indeed, the system is fucked up, he knew the rules. Any corrupt set-up he had with Armando "Office Stallion" Garcia is actually not so exculpatory...I'd say it's grounds for a criminal bribery investigation.

The pot laws in this country are ignorant, hateful, and cause endless destruction to lives and families...but they're laws. Your option is to move to another country, or accept that you run the risk of being caught and losing your livelihood. Doesn't make it right, just makes it fact. Protesting it may help in the long run, but it will not help your job. I hope it was all a big mix-up, and that Diaz has his name cleared, even though I believe he's a fucking idiot. I don't want MMA dragged through the mud with him.

Monday, August 10, 2009

OK, is he an idiot now?

Dear Nick Diaz defenders: Is this shit stupid enough for you yet?

Update: Yep. How does anyone sign this guy? Between starting fights outside the cage, talking idiotic lisping trash, and publicly proclaiming his love of pot, the dude is a walking promotion-fuck. I've said since day fuckin' one: it's not just him that gets fucked by his stupidity. It's everyone else involved too. Now Strikeforce looks like clowns, Heiron's out a title fight and possibly bigger money later to support his fucking family, and we have to deal with Pee-pants fighting on a major network. I don't like any of that.

MMA Weekend

Brian Bowles put his power on display last night. Truly a spectacular KO win over a consensus pound-for-pound juggernaut. Ends the 17 fight win streak that Miguel brought to the fight. Contrary to a lot of observers I don't feel like Torres is less of a pound-for-pound consideration for this loss. Everyone loses. It happens, but it doesn't automatically mean the guy's suddenly a bum. Let's see how he reacts. I'd love an immediate rematch, but a title fight with Dominick Cruz wouldn't make me too sad. Let Miguel have a matchup with a contender.

The UFC was somewhat uninspiring. Is that how it always happens, the WEC outshines it's older brother when they share the same weekend? They gotta start promoting these little guys around the country. I guess the fact that I was rooting for Kenny, and the broadcast featured Marv Marinovich so prominently, who blew up on Penn a few weeks before the fight and caused BJ to leave, made it hard for me to get into it. Some slow action too, and being forced to watch Kendall Grove, well that would get anyone in a bad mood. The "fight in the stands" bullshit was highly obnoxious to me. Fuck those idiot meatheads and meatheadettes. And fuck you Goldy and Rogan, for talking about those drunked cocksuckers while there's real athletes putting it on the line in the cage.

And one more thing, what the FUCK was up with that COMMERCIAL before the main event?! I paid $45 to watch that shit, I do NOT WANT COMMERCIALS. That's the fucking POINT OF IT. I'd almost forgotten til I started to write this up...anyone have an explanation for that bullshit? I want a god damned rebate for the ten minutes of my time they wasted.

Friday, August 7, 2009

fedor talk

Dana White has turned on the anti-Strikefore jets full bore. His act is predictable, lame, and totally effective. Like stabbing an unarmed nun.

M-1 is partially owned by Fedor Emilianenko. Why is it so hard to understand he wants it to succeed? His interests lie with himself, not in fighting what Dana White decides are the best heavyweights in the world. I personally applaud Fedor for trying for that brass ring. That's EXACTLY the kind of balls it took for Dana White to get where he coming up with an idea, pitching it to some rich guys, and riding the fuck out of it. Great, big, cast-iron balls.

Will it work? Strikeforce has a tiger by the tail...they'll not only need to manage events now, but manage press and public opinion, which is a much harder row to hoe. We'll see. If they can milk the three fights on Fedor's contract, they may end up in good shape. But of course, they could end up broke and Fedor-less, just like Affliction.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

be like water, Scott Coker

Dana White unleashed his newfound "I hate Strikeforce" act, and Scott Coker did a good job of rolling with the punches. He's gotta be happy the UFC, which is gaining a ton of mainstream coverage, bothered to talk about his promotion. Can't hurt.


performify at MMAJunkie puts up his UFC 101 analysis, and I generally enjoy his picks articles, whether I agree or not. He's a massive (no pun intended) BJ Penn fan, and that takes a little bit of fun out of it, but not a lot. One thing I couldn't handle was his characterization of BJ's training with Marv Marinovich. He states that they were in "championship caliber" facilities. Check out the video that BJ made...they're training in a dude's garage.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


fightlinker sez:

Here’s hoping Scott Coker gets creative and figures something interesting out for Fedor’s first Strikeforce fight, or we’re going to be magically transported back to 2006 when everyone got really resentful the first time Fedor stopped fighting top ranked opponents and instead spent two years fighting fat dudes, middleweights, old men, and giants.
while i agree with 99% of what ryan says, the UFC has only a few guys to offer as legit contenders to the real HW crown, which is basically sewn to Fedor's deceptively pudgy midsection. there's giant, unskilled but athletic brock lesnar, light heavyweight old man randy couture, testicularly vulnerable mirko cro cop (i'm not going to lie and say i wouldn't beat up my family to see that fight), another matchup with aging Big Nog, and up and comers shane carwin and cain velasquez. all in all I'd rather he was in the UFC too, but I guess I never thought he'd get there in the first place, so my hopes didn't have as far to fall.
right now we've got fights for fedor in japan. Barnett and Silva could fight out there, if Barnett wants to end his career overseas. Mighty Mo is plausible for the states, as well as Pee Wee Herman, though I don't see him being ready for Fedor yet. Obviously Brett Rogers and Overeem are in strikeforce...Brett would most likely get eaten alive, but I thought Andrei would beat him up too.

Eh, speculation is speculation. I'm honestly not interested in freak losses by fedor against guys like gil yvel or jeff monson. That's where the most people are massively disappointed, that he won't be fighting top ten guys (even though Fight! has Monson, Overeem and Rogers all in the top Monson? #4?)

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