Monday, August 31, 2009


So this guy has a White Pride tat and a swastika.

This guy has a huge "Brown Pride" tat across his chest (he's a natural born US citizen, the white pride guy is dutch or norwegian or something viking-y).

I understand that Nazis did a lot of killing and were generally just total jerks. What if it said "Norse Pride or something? I dunno. probably don't mean much...when someone says "White Pride", you pretty much know they mean they're big racists, whether they try to gussy up that pig with an "Its not hate, it's love" dress or not. Its a question of history: the white pride guys lynched, burned, raped, killed, and conquered. the brown pride guys did considerably less of that.


Reverend Clint said...

I'm gonna get a tat of "Pride Pride" on my chest

garth2 said...

i'm going to go for "American-Mexican-French-Cherokee-English Pride" all the way around my torso.

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