Saturday, August 29, 2009

you know

If "Grim" stays at range, and jabs, he can beat Fedor. But he'll have to be able to impose his will on Fedor, which few people have been able to do. I'm thinking of Andre Arlovski's fight with Fedor. Take away an ill-advised flying knee attempt and you have a fight completely dominated by the Pitbull. Of course you can't take away that flying knee attempt, or the head trauma that accompanied it. So, if Brett Rogers can keep Fedor at the end of his arms, he can win. Much like the assassin spider evolved fangs (and a neck, really, look it up) longer than its body to keep the poisonous prey it fed on away from its soft bits, Grim will need to keep the deadly Russion off his soft underbelly.

Should be a fun fight.

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