Monday, August 10, 2009

MMA Weekend

Brian Bowles put his power on display last night. Truly a spectacular KO win over a consensus pound-for-pound juggernaut. Ends the 17 fight win streak that Miguel brought to the fight. Contrary to a lot of observers I don't feel like Torres is less of a pound-for-pound consideration for this loss. Everyone loses. It happens, but it doesn't automatically mean the guy's suddenly a bum. Let's see how he reacts. I'd love an immediate rematch, but a title fight with Dominick Cruz wouldn't make me too sad. Let Miguel have a matchup with a contender.

The UFC was somewhat uninspiring. Is that how it always happens, the WEC outshines it's older brother when they share the same weekend? They gotta start promoting these little guys around the country. I guess the fact that I was rooting for Kenny, and the broadcast featured Marv Marinovich so prominently, who blew up on Penn a few weeks before the fight and caused BJ to leave, made it hard for me to get into it. Some slow action too, and being forced to watch Kendall Grove, well that would get anyone in a bad mood. The "fight in the stands" bullshit was highly obnoxious to me. Fuck those idiot meatheads and meatheadettes. And fuck you Goldy and Rogan, for talking about those drunked cocksuckers while there's real athletes putting it on the line in the cage.

And one more thing, what the FUCK was up with that COMMERCIAL before the main event?! I paid $45 to watch that shit, I do NOT WANT COMMERCIALS. That's the fucking POINT OF IT. I'd almost forgotten til I started to write this up...anyone have an explanation for that bullshit? I want a god damned rebate for the ten minutes of my time they wasted.

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