Wednesday, February 27, 2008


WEC on Versus...Razor Rob vs. The Worm. On First viewing, I'd thought McCullough had backed away when Varner called his bullshit timeout, but now watching again, no such thing happened. Razor Rob was still stalking, and didn't back away til Pornstache intervened.
If I was McCullough I'd be protesting this to anyone who'd listen, especially the WEC and the New Mexico sanctioning body. He got robbed.

UFC Unleashed

Unleashed is on. First up was Martin Kampmann vs. Drew McFedries... I thought Joe Rogan sounded dumb lauding McFedries' imminent victory, but then again I'm watching with the advantage of hindsight.
Next they showed Marcus Davis vs. Jason Tan. Marcus begins the ascent in this fight. I gotta say I really like the Unleashed format... show fights. No talkup, no shit talking, no backstory most of the time, just fights. We still have the misfortune of listening to Goldberg ("Rich Franklin is a feared striker...**thinking noises**...he knocked out Nate Quarry!"), but we don't have to listen to him as much.
Then Rich Franklin vs. Jason McDonald. I wouldn't mind seeing a rematch, personally. What the hell else are they going to do with Franklin? Hope to god that Hendo beats Silva's ass so they can put their pet math teacher in?
Travis Lutter vs. Anderson Silva... Travis got a lot of shit for not making weight, but damn, he's a good fucking fighter. He may look like a Down gorilla one his feet, but he god damned mounted Anderson the fuckin Spider Silva. I'm hoping he gets better soon and fights again.
On a weird note, I watched some boxing last night. Showtime aired a repeat of Marquez-Vazquez II, and HBO showed Pavlik-Taylor II. The Marquez fight was brilliant. The other fights were OK. I may watch the third's been a while since I gave a shit which tiny mexican or huge hairy russian was winning belts in boxing.
Here's to a great event for the UFC on Saturday.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


i haven't posted in two weeks. gheynis
i've been watching a shitload of MMA, and talking to those who know whereof they spaked, so i'll put something interesting up soon. i don't even have an ass-cancer excuse. i suck.


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