Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fucking. Lame.

So Chael Sonnen, convicted criminal, steroid cheater, and all-around scumbag (that's what most people mean when they say "colorful" or "he's a self-promoter"), is off suspension and most likely going to be welcomed back to the UFC with open arms. He's basically going to go unpunished for his money laundering conviction. Most likely because, eh, it's the Fertittas. Money laundering seems to be a blind spot in the moral limo they're cruising along the interstate in.
A major MMA show comes to San Diego, and guess who the fucking main event is? Nick fucking Diaz and Paul fucking Daley. Fuck. Those. Guys. Two of the stupidest motherfuckers on the planet. They make Melvin "I never got beat, I only got submitted" Guillard look like a fucking Rhodes scholar. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Scott Coker's response to Dana White's assclownery

So Coker responded in a professional, non-fucktard way to Dana White being an idiot. I wonder how long White can keep this shit up? I'm getting sick of it. I'm getting sick of the bullshit rich-guy monopoly, and I'm seeing the UFC have issues with it at some point in the future. Probably not for a while...they're still selling PPVs, and making bank at it. But sometime soon it's going to start causing trouble, the bullshit bro-tude that White brings as douche-in-chief, and it's going to cost some people a chance at making a living. And since he works for the Fertittas, he may end up in the trunk of a car if he fucks up too badly.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Reilly and the Fertittas

The more I learn about NY state congresscritter and his potential conflict of interest with the Fertittas brothers over their treatment of hotel workers, and their union, the more I hope the UFC fails. I know unions aren't always great, but they represent the little guy. The Fertittas, and Dana White, they represent themselves, millionaires. And the mob, but that's a different story. Is it weird that a union, examples of which have long been mob cash cows, is in conflict with a business with known (well, strongly implicated) organized crime connections? Weirder and weirder.
What is definitely weird is the number of "media" outlets in the MMA world that are whole-hog in favor of lynching Reilly. Are you REALLY that far up Dana White's ass? Are you REALLY in favor of the shitty monopolistic anti-labor practices the UFC follows? Are you REALLY rooting for a petty, vindictive tyrant like White and two questionably-moralled guys like the Fertittas? Really, MMA "media"?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Evan Tanner documentary

I'd recommend watching this trailer for "Once I Was A Champion", a documentary about Evan Tanner. Right up to the part where they show Chael Sonnen saying Evan was not intelligent. Even to the dead, Chael Sonnen is a fucking huge evil scumbag. I hope that guy gets stuck in a vent.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

UFC 122, other thoughts

I was pondering the state of the game while watching 122, and the one guy right now that really stands out to me as a game-changer is Dominick Cruz. His style is baffling to opponents, and his one majorly underestimated aspect is his ground game, which he deployed to brutal effectiveness against Benvinidez. I picture him being a pretty badass UFC champ for a long time.
I'd love to see Denis Siver at 145lbs. That looks like his weight, despite that frankly awesome win over Andre Winner. Both guys looked good.
While I was stoked for Bang Ludwig to steal that decision over Ohoweveryouspellit, I got some admiration the guy for the twoish rounds Slick Nick threw down for. I honestly was surprised as hell that Bang took that win. The end of the fight often pushes the win.
Amir Sadollah's fight bored the shit out of me. It's weird for me to wish that Dolloway had won a fight, but it would have been nice to not have to watch Sadollah carefully and with great technical ability not come close to finishing a fight. Indeed he seems disinterested, or actively upset, by the very idea of finishing.
Karlos Vemola did what he was brought in to do. Seth Petruzelli is always fun for me. I like that dude, win or lose. If they could just have Vemola and Petruzelli fight each event, that would be a pretty good starting course.
I was extremely pleased with the number of fights shown vs. the number of commercials shown. I know they have to pay for this shit, and I accept that, but it felt like they hit the sweet spot tonight on the tape-delay.
Yushin went and trained with Chael Sonnen after being beat, maybe a loss to Nate would have been the best thing that could have happened to with Greg Jackson would help him. God damn if Yushin just threw nothing but jabs he'd beat 99% of middleweights out there. Holy shit he has to fight Anderson Silva now. Wow. I hope we see the same aggressive Yushin there...he's a great fighter.
OK, more later.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lame shit

1: Fighters bitching about "keyboard warriors" or other people who talk shit. Man the fuck up. Remember, slings and stones and Cain Velazquez may break your bones, but words should really never hurt you, unless you're a thin-skinned whiny dipshit. What the fuck do you care what people say? Grow the fuck up!

2: People bagging on champs because they don't like them, or they liked the other fighter better. This goes out to Lyoto Machida, Zoila Frausto, Frankie Edgar (though he's backed up his win since), and all the other champs.

3: Everything that happens on TUF.

4: Everything within 5' of Josh Koscheck.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

TUF tonight, other crap

Dude...Josh Koscheck is either the world's worst douchebag, or the TUF editors are made of some kind of evil jelly. He comes off as more of a douche than ever. The whole Kos-Medic "drama" is retarded beyond belief.

The fight was relatively boring. That Stevens character...hopefully he either gets in a good camp and actually learns how to fight before the Finale show (if he's invited after two losses), or he gives up and just starts brawling, because he's definitely not a major-leaguer at the moment. Are any of these kids other than maybe Jonathan Brookins? I know it's hard to judge watching this shitty show, and guys often turn out different afterwards (Cole Miller, Gray Maynard, Georges Roop and Sotiropolous spring to mind) but damn, son, this gang of fighters seems pretty half-assed. Moreso than the England vs USA season (remember that abortion?).

Honestly, I'll be happy when it's over.

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