Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Scott Coker's response to Dana White's assclownery

So Coker responded in a professional, non-fucktard way to Dana White being an idiot. I wonder how long White can keep this shit up? I'm getting sick of it. I'm getting sick of the bullshit rich-guy monopoly, and I'm seeing the UFC have issues with it at some point in the future. Probably not for a while...they're still selling PPVs, and making bank at it. But sometime soon it's going to start causing trouble, the bullshit bro-tude that White brings as douche-in-chief, and it's going to cost some people a chance at making a living. And since he works for the Fertittas, he may end up in the trunk of a car if he fucks up too badly.


charles said...

I'd say "Wow. What a douche." But the wow implies I'm shocked he has continued to be a douche bag. I don't really watch MMA anymore just simply look up results if its a fighter I like, or you tell me about it. The only way he goes away is that the PPV money starts to go away. Maybe you shouldn't order UFC fights? Bittorrent works pretty well.

garth2 said...

yeah i know. i'm trying to give them less money

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