Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jared Shaw sighting...please no

$kala is making some noise about coming back to MMA. He generally talks out of his ass, and this is no exception.

On a personal level, I think I took on a lot of blame that (shouldn’t necessarily) have been pointed in my direction. I certainly had my faults like anybody else. There was a lot to deal with, being 28 years old at the time, it’s a lot just to understand as you grow up,” he said.

28? You're "growing up" at 28? You spoiled fucking prick. Fuck you. I was the father of an 8 year old when I was 28. You know what I was doing? Being a GOD DAMNED GROWN UP you overfed, undertalented cockpolisher. Go back to hanging off daddy's massive teat and leave the hard work to people who don't need to "grow up".

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

more TUF

I'm fast forwarding through the man-drama. don't care. Dan Henderson looks like a non-inspirational coach. Bitchy jocks whining at each other makes me want to puke.

Evans-Machida spots: awesome. Square butts Burger King spots? Diarrhea-inducing.

Good god...all those guys are there for themselves. None of them are there for their teams. Bisping saying "there's no egos on our team" is fucking stupid. They're ALL ego. that they can put it aside for a little while doesn't mean they're free of ego.

Damarques vs. Dean. Dean calls out "there'll be some black on black crime!" Damarques is as black as Barack. Which is to say, not very.

How fucking hard are they trying to make Bisping not look like a moron? Notice they're only showing Bisping looking smart? Dean looks a lot like Dave Chapelle, but not interesting. Damarques is one of the guys I liked going in. He sounds like Forrest Griffin. Oy, pray monkey. Gross. These guys must all pray to Old Testament god. Jesus isn't down with punching faces in. Just saying.

Martin has a horrible ear. Oh tension, no Bisping.

Rampage/Sadollah mini-interview. Rampage says he howls because he was a big fan of Teen Wolf.

The "Guy's Choice Awards" on Spike awards "The Mantlers".

Well here we go. Tough matchup for Dean. Damarques is fast as shit. Damarques' kimura was close...triangle. Jeez how many times did they warn him? Mismatch. Damarques has to be a bit of a favorite now, along with Winner. Dean looked like he had zero idea what to do about Damarques' ground game, though. If Damarques learns to sprawl a little bit better...ah who am I kidding, it wasn't long enough to know what's what.

OH! And Dean officially Pulls a Wang. Gotta love it.

TUF ep 4

typical start, recapping the last ep

they're trying desperately to setup the "UK is a TEAM! US int!" angle, but honestly who gives a shit? You think those UK guys won't beat the living hell out of each other? What are they united by, a common hatred of arabs?

first fight andre winner, who impressed me in the UK qualifier, vs. santino, who should have been TKOd in his qualifier.

man just showing the warmup I hope Santino doesn't fight like that. His chin has a "hit here" sign hanging off it.

Its pretty effed up how soon after qualifying US has to fight.

they talk about "octagon jitters"...i think we get that in TUF as well as on the UFN's and PPV's. some guys just look intimidated, more by cameras than the crowd I'd imagine.

BTW, what was up with Running Bitch Bisping's paperwork in previous eps? He said his visa or whatever wasn't lined up...what's with that? did he show up with a bunch of heroin balloons up his ass? Curious minds want to know.

Oh that chin is up high...weird leg kicks from Winner, they're like with his foot, not his shin...Winner is A LOT faster...santino pulls guard? santino's ground game is OK off his back...or not, TKO for Winner. Winner is just better. Santino had no chance. Winner was really playing it safe.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Banned! I won't make any lame shirts. Maybe

Dear Luke Thomas: I knew you had no balls. You'll ban, then act like you're a media outlet (you're clearly just another blog, albeit a big one), rather than take any criticism at all, you huge douche. The irony is that the post I was reading when I realized I'd been banned was one where Thomas retardedly calls Kevin Randleman's bizarre rant "brave". Randleman also states he's "not Rampage. I'll go to jail for beating this guy's ass" (as if it was one person who said that, and not thousands of folks opining)...A) Why the sudden shot on Rampage? and 2) is it fearlessness or fucking stupidity? It's nor fearless to go, in a situation where it's CLEARLY not merited (ie NOT IN COMBAT), fucking nuts and hurt someone who is obviously no match for you (unless it was 'Page blogging), it's sociopathic. So, Luke Thomas loves sociopaths, and people who want to hurt others smaller than themselves. Of course, he was a Marine at some point, so that makes it all right. I guess.

That gets me back to the fact that Thomas was writing about bravery when he clearly left his own back in the Corps. Well, in honor of being banned (it's hard to make new accounts, I know), I'll say this:

Also, to be clear: Kevin Randleman's talk about beating people up who talk about him is stupid, disgusting, and makes everyone in MMA look a little more like idiotic street thugs. I guess 'roids stay in there fucking your brain up longer than anyone knew, huh Monster? What, he's going to beat me up? At least it'll be FOR something, rather than just a random steroid freakout where he imagines I'm a goblin eating his foot or some shit. So, good work Kevin. Good job representing your sport. If we do meet, I'll eventually (I hope) get out of the hospital, but you'll never get out of jail.

Add: Commenter on the Fighthype post puts it perfect:

Now Mr. Randalmen is upset because someone wrote a critical article about him because he dodged a tough opponent. He'll whip the reporters ass, and the fans' ass and on and on. He should have been concentrating on whooping Feijao's ass and he wouldn't have been perceived as such a pussy in the first place. You get paid to get punched in the face Randlemen!!! Quit your bitchin and stop dodging fights!!

Can you say pwned?

another guy who's blown it

Mr. War "John 'War Machine' Koppenhaver" Machine fought over the weekend for UWC, and won a hard-fought battle against a pretty game Reshad Woods.
Of course, WJWMKM shouldn't be fighting game-but-likely-overmatched guys in regional promotions, despite the fact that it's a pretty damn good regional promotion. He blew his shot at the UFC with his diva attitude and diva idiocy. While I'm not anywhere near saying Mr. WJWMKM is worthy of being in the top twenty at 170, he's shown a lot of heart (if no gas tank) in his fights, and considerable courage. So his tumble from the big stage would have been sad if it wasn't so fucking self-inflicted.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Diaz-Smith for Strikeforce?

Five Ounces of Pain is reporting Diaz-Smith for an upcoming Strikeforce card, possibly at a catchweight of 179lbs.
I say, fight at 185. It won't help the fight to have Smith need to cut an extra 6lbs two months after he last fought.
But given their recent results, an intriguing matchup. This would be a solid challenge for a Nick Diaz who seemingly can only be beaten by the bong, and a Scott Smith with a Jaw of Steel.

Fluff and garbage

I know it's slow MMA-news-wise right now, but can we have some stories that aren't just fluff and garbage? I feel I've been hatin' a little hard lately so I won't link right to them, but MAN have some MMA articles sucked lately! Even outside of rhymes-with-Flerdog's normal terrible writing, I've seen some horrible fluff pieces along the lines of "I just lifted two paragraphs from someone's biography, now I'll spend one more fellating them! Submit!" There's a "What if..." article out right now that simply repeats "What if this happened?" or "What if that happened?" and offers exactly zero insight or analysis. That's not an article!
Oh MMA sites, please, please take some editorial control here! Content doesn't consist of asking a question, but of trying to answer it! Even if the answer is "I'm not sure", it's better than absolutely nothing.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Maybard gets his fight

So the amputee guy fought. He couldn't get his gloves secured (something they should have figured out earlier than the night of the fight) and wasn't allowed to strike (which is sad, since it seems like he would have some serious pummelling power).
My only thought is: Fuck the controversy. If the dude can pass his medicals, and a promoter will take him, he should be allowed to fight. If you don't like it, don't watch. I didn't watch. Not because I don't like it, but because I had to go to the store, and didn't feel like shelling out the bucks for what was apparently a horrible broadcast, with one camera sending out grainy footage.
Honestly, the only objection I could even come up with (as a mental exercise) was that maybe since his limbs end in such solid stumps he'd have an advantage in close-quarters striking (something others have said looks plausible from training footage). I didn't hear if they cleared up the "grounded or not" thing.
But clear that up for a fair fight, and what's the problem? The guy's not being forced into anything. I have more of a problem with people paying money to see Tonya Harding fight some idiot.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sean Salmon: Chuck should fight as long as he wants

Sean Salmon puts up his occasional post at MMA Junkie, after a dominant unanimous decision win (30-27, 30-26, 30-25!) over John Doyle in the ROC. He has a lot of updates, but the one that struck me was:

We are required to have all of our medicals in order before every fight, or we will not be allowed to fight. If all of his medicals are clear, I think he should fight until he no longer wants to.

Same thing with Ken Shamrock, Don Frye, and Dan Severn. If they wanna fight, let 'em fight, provided it's sanctioned. Sanctioning protects fighters, to a certain extent. Even the lower tier guys who don't have the fame. They not only deserve to make a living, but hell, it's competition! If you want them to quit, you have to beat them into it. If you can't beat them, they ain't quitting. So to Chuck: Fight til you don't want to anymore. Salmon is exactly right. If Chuck has to leave the UFC to do it, I'll support him. I think Dana White talked himself into a corner on this one. He's forgotten what the urge is like.
We'll see.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Michael Bisping doesn't "come across" as a bit of a dick, he is a dick. He's not in the house, he's a coach. I blame it on Nogueira, he started all this testicle-stroking. Of course, we also have to realize it's being edited to all hell.

Was the fight stopped too early? No one else seems to think so. That kid Miller didn't do hardly enough with his opportunities. Oshisdpkd;sjfack is not particularly good. If he wins, then we've got a weak cast.

Miller looked like he tapped to me.

Dan Henderson looks to be the only professional there thus far. Editing of course is a factor.

All in all an excellent fight, however, and yet again I'm reminded why I watch this on DVR...avoid the rest of it. I did kind of like the scenes with Bisping and his coaches breaking down tape. Is it me or does Bisping seem really uncertain most of the time? Like he's not sure he should be there, as coach. He said as much about his "assistant coaches".

Monday, April 20, 2009


Spike is showing UFC 75, and I'm watching Cheik Kongo open hunting season on Cro Cop's testicles. One thing about it is the prominence of Juanito Ibarra. Whatever happened to that guy? I couldn't find much after the split with Rampage. Is he still in MMA or just boxing now?

Props to Diaz. Kind of

So, Diaz passed his drug test. Well done. He still shouldn't have even been talking stupid garbage like that, and I still have less respect for the guy because of it (him and his coach). The fact of the matter is that I don't base it off whether you get caught. I base it on what you actually do. And he's continuing to put his career and other fighter's livelihoods on the line when he smokes pot.
Oh, happy 4/20 day Nick.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Luke Thomas says Anderson Silva is a fraud.

I don't want to be thought of as just a Luke Thomas hater, but man the guy comes off as the snobbiest snob in Snobtown. His old lady high dudgeon is obnoxious. And the tepid nature of the irate comments as well..."Anderson Silva has very little shame"? Along the same lines..."Mugger is somewhat unfriendly"..."Shark shows passing interest in whale carcass"..."Luke Thomas engages in mild self-caricature".
He also claims that most guys who flop to pull guard are usually finished. Nicely vague, but there's counter examples of guys flopping, running, or whatever and not being finished. Quarry-Starnes Lister-Okami come to mind.
It's too bad he'd throw down such mild language, because what he's accusing Anderson Silva of is deliberately not finishing the fight. Of course he argues from authority, saying basically to believe him because he's so smart. But still, that's quite a statement, and it's an accusation basically of fraud.
Anderson Silva, Luke Thomas wants to know: Are you a fraud who's deliberately not fighting to finish?
If that's so, do all the bookies in the world also have some questions for Silva?

Hold up now

Everyone is talking out their ass that the main event last night was embarrassing and that Silva should be ashamed. That's stupid. Silva fought a decent fight with a smart gameplan against a foe that absolutely refused to engage. I felt like Silva needed to release his hands in close, standing at range and not throwing so many times it hurt my head, but that's just not his game.
With any luck we won't have to see Leites on a main card again. If anyone should be ashamed it's Leites. The only comparable fight I can come up with is Qaurry-Starnes.
So what's next for Silva? Marquardt is my choice, or Yushin. Unfortunately Yushin is so deliberate that he may be as dull an opponent as Leites was...I take that back, that's impossible.
Maybe now people will back off Sylvia-Arlovski as the worst title fight ever. What's your pick for worst title fight ever? Caol Uno-BJ Penn? Last night? Gimme your take.

Friday, April 17, 2009

wait, what?

I was reading my feeds, and the MMA Junkie article today on Chuck not retiring came up. I tried to read it but couldn't get past the first paragraph or two:

The questions were posed repeatedly well beyond the point of aggravation, yet Chuck Liddell stood his ground and fired back, not with the knockout ferocity that once led him to seven straight knockout wins (one shy of the UFC record held by Royce Gracie, Anderson Silva and Jon Fitch) but with buoyancy that earned him his famous moniker.

Emphasis mine. What? Buoyancy got Chuck his nickname? I think not.
[UWC Question] Was there pressure on the fighters that night knowing that they could be on network TV for the first time as part of the Best Damn Sports Show Period?

[Chuck Liddell] No, that doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t get nervous, that’s why I got my nickname. I’ll fight in front of 2 people or 50,000 people - a fight’s a fight.

So...buoyancy. That's almost as intimidating a physical characteristic as...uh...viscosity? "OH SHIT, RUN! THAT GUY CAN FLOAT!"

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Wayback Machine....UFC 70

How stupid are MMA fans? They're as stupid as the gang watching Arlovski vs. Werdum at UFC 70 in England, and that is fucking stupid. If you can't watch Arlovski dominate a dangerous Werdum that completely without being "bored", you're an idiot too. That was one of Arlovski's two career decisions, the other a loss to Sylvia in a real snoozer that I have no apologies for. Is it Arlovski's fault that Werdum lacked the skill or courage to come at him? I don't think so. I'd recommend turning off the commentary to not hear the frankly shameful, sloppy blowjob that Joe Rogan administers to the UFC brass, telling us all about how unexciting things are, and leading the fans along to how he sees it. Sure, it's his job to give his viewpoint. But trashing a guy with the credentials Arlovski brings because Werdum has no game? Arlovski's fought the best, winning and losing. Werdum got KO'd by Junior dos Santos.
Honestly I'm pissed the UFC let Arlovski go. He deserved better. Both guys are out of the UFC right now, in large part because Joe Rogan talked shit and Werdum ran.

new post at MMAR

Eric at has been kind enough to post my occasional pieces. Here's a new one about the light heavyweight division in the UFC.
That seems to be what I write about huh? Hard not to, that's the best division in the sport, worldwide.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Uh, no.

Rodriguez at fightlinker thinks this win signals the ascension of Nick Diaz. He also claims that Diaz eats, drinks, and breathes MMA.
No, you're dead wrong. First off, if that was true he wouldn't put his career in jeopardy by smoking weed and talking about it at every opportunity. I don't know how anyone can take this guy seriously if he may be dragged off cards at literally any moment. The fact that he didn't get pulled from this card after his idiotic bullshit talk amazes and distresses me.
Additionally, there's a claim that he only has the one loss in the last few years, and that its somehow a bullshit loss. Both wrong. He lost because he got the shit kicked out of him by a semi-MMA-fighter named Karl James. He also has a no contest because he likes weed more than MMA. And the fight against Aina? Are you seriously going to say that was some triumphant march?
I've defended Rodriguez AKA Godzillad tons in the past. But this cock-slobbering on Diaz is too much. He beat the shit out of Frank Shamrock, sure. Good on him, and nice work on not being a total cock after the fight. But you don't get cookies for not being a total cock after the fight. And yes, he still gets the pitty-pat moniker. Is Diaz a good fighter? Yes! Is he the best fighter? Nope! The best fighter would put down the fucking pipe. Unless that's answered, then everything afterwards is tainted, because he's cheating. Ostrich drumstick, baby.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Big fucking deal Cyborg. You beat up what was effectively a small child.
OK, I'm officially superglued to Scott Smith's nuts now. Mark Coleman's kids have to be annoyed as fuck tho.
Melendez-Damm...damn. Total mismatch. Melendez is tough.
Movie clip just showed Cung Le throwing a triangle on someone. I can't imagine how many hours of training it took for Cung to throw up something resembling a triangle. Of course, they show the guy he put it on slamming out of it. Ummm.
I think I saw Tracy Lee, but not Esther.
Time to retire Mr. least from main events. Biggest shock of the night, to me, was Nick showing any class at the end of the fight. I was really surprised. I liked Frank saying the injuries meant nothing.
"He hit me with the...right hand and made me crap my pants", nice one Frank.
Decent event. Inconsistent at times. Announcing...well, Mauro makes me sad. Miletich was good, even though he didn't apparently know the rules of the promotion. Overall I'm glad I got Showtime for this.

Oh yeah: Nick Diaz pot suspension in 3, 2, 1...

Friday, April 10, 2009

100% Agreed

For the first time in a long time, I found a post I 100% agree with.

I’ve put up with female weight class bullshit in the past because there’s basically one class everyone ends up fighting in and it’s the class that Gina and Cyborg fit into. But at this point it’s now beyond bending the rules to accommodate the stars and has wandered into parody status. Well, it’d be parody if it were funny. But as it stands I don’t see what’s so humorous about a gigantic Cyborg beating the shit out of way smaller opponents.

I mean, fucking hell Cyborg. But, then again, Thiago Alves has missed weight pretty consistently, and he's getting a shot at one of the more prestigious titles in pro sports. So who's to say?

more nick on pot

Cesar Gracie thinks pot smoking is fine as a personal liberties issue. It's true. On a personal level, there's nothing wrong with pot smoking done moderately.
But it's illegal. Whether you like it or not, it's illegal. Whatever Nick Diaz or Cesar Gracie or Joe Rogan or Eddie Bravo or Cheech and fuckin' Chong think, IT IS AGAINST THE LAW. I think personally its a stupid law, and a major fuckup of our culture. But it's still the law. And the government, including the parts of it that license fighters, will treat those who indulge publicly as law breakers. Diaz works in an industry that relies on a commission saying he can work, and he's publicly stating he's a law-breaker. It's stupidity on the highest level.
Gracie shouldn't be allowed to manage fighters, if that's what he's doing, and Diaz shouldn't be allowed to fight. Every other drug suspension is a fucking lie if Diaz gets to admit in public he's a drug user and still fight. What about the kid who took Adderall? What about Karo? What the fuck? It makes me want to watch fucking BOXING for the FUCKING MORAL CLARITY.
Nick, you're an idiot.
I don't know what else to say.

Oh kay

Nick Diaz has got to be the stupidest person on the face of the earth. If I was a fight promoter I would not offer this guy a single penny. Days to go before headlining a majorly important card that Strikeforce needs to prove it's a force to be reckoned with, and Diaz decides to inform the press about how he intends to avoid getting jacked for smoking weed.

“I’m more consistent about everything being a cannabis user,” Diaz said in an interview with The Times last week. “I’m happy to get loaded, hear some good music . . . I remain consistent. And I have an easy way to deal with [the drug tests].

“I can pass a drug test in eight days with herbal cleansers. I drink 10 pounds of water and sweat out 10 pounds of water every day. I’ll be fine.”

For the love of jeebus, man. You don't have to test positive to get shitcanned by the CSAC. You have to present the appearance of wrongdoing. Its the standard. If someone had never had that happen to them before, you could excuse them mouthing off like a complete idiot. But it's happened to Diaz before!
Dude! SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT WEED. You're ruining shit. I'm honestly surprised he hasn't been kicked off this card already. If he wrecks Strikeforce's inaugural "we're big time" card, he should never work a main event again, or a major promotion again. Don't forget a ton of other people depend on this shit for a paycheck too. What if some lower-card fighter never gets a shot because you destroying the main event leads to fewer folks watching?
It doesn't matter if he thinks he's some kind of fucking freedom fighter for pot. Do it somewhere else. I happen to agree with him about pot. I don't smoke it, but I have zero issue with the shit. BUT THE JOB YOU WORK DOES HAVE AN ISSUE, DICK. So does mine! If I show up with a shirt with a pot leaf on it, I'll get sent home! That's how shit works! AAAAH! Fuck that guy bothers me.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

you know what sucks?

according to the recent MMAJunkie article about Scott Smith, the top four all-time most-viewed MMA matches in US history are Kimbo Slice's two EliteXC fights, Tito Ortiz-Ken Shamrock on Spike, and Robbie Lawler-Scott Smith 1.

No wonder mainstream journalists have such a dim view of MMA. Most of them probably only saw Kimbo's weird displays against Bo Cantrell and James Thompson, or Tito Ortiz beating an old man to paste.

Monday, April 6, 2009

shit starting to come down on the hunt/white story

All right now. Shit's getting real. The Sporting News pointed a howitzer at Loretta Hunt, saying her article (the one that set of Dana White, causing him to call her a bitch and her sources faggots) was unprofessional and a stupid doody poopoo head. FightOpinion's Zach Arnold fires back from the saloon with a piece chiding TSN's team for being a bunch of White-supremacists.
Honestly, if anyone is saying a manager or agent shouldn't have access to their client in the locker room, they're full of shit.

disparaging comment

Some assclown doesn't pay his fighters, and Jim Genia calls him out on it, and so they throw lawyers at him. It moved me to compose a letter.*
Dear Assclown Promoter: Fuck you and your lawyers. The fact that the "legal system" must "run its course" for you to pay your fucking fighters makes me think you fucked up pretty bad. Did you not fuck up? explain why guys who shed blood for you don't have their checks.
In closing, fuck you, Shady Assclown Kansas City Promoter. Fuck you with your lawyer's dick.


*Letter only sent here.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


This whole Dana White video rant thing is just weird. Apparently ESPN wanted to give him some cover, and they gave him a stern lecture from one of their reporters about how fag is a mean word.
Not one report that I've seen has directly addressed the fact that Loretta Hunt still stands 100% by her story. Is the UFC witholding credentials for fighters' managers? The UFC's attitude towards the press is another issue that needs to be addressed, also.

Friday, April 3, 2009

one thing jake:

Jake at fightlinker has a post up about the mainstream response to Dana White's idiot video blog. He says the mainstream media should STFU since White apologized, basically.

The anti-MMA biased coming from the mainstream is driving me crazy. All of these writers have really no clue as to what’s going on, but the minute they heard that Dana White said something mean, they all jumped on the hate bandwagon.

The problem here is that this reaction from the press is 100% predictable. Whether you or Luke "I masturbate to pictures of myself" Thomas think White should apologize or not (I think it's up to him, it's called the First Amendment), he has to be smart enough, or have hired someone smart enough, to know that acting like that kind of ridiculous idiot in an easily viewed format would cause backlash. Do you really think Dana fuckin White doesn't have a general idea of the mainstream press' view of MMA? Honestly? Like this would just slide? It wouldn't have slid if Tony Dungy said it after winning the Super Bowl. It wouldn't have slid if any major sports figure said it.
All that said, the company's announced some bullshitty sounding "punishments" for Mr. Baldy. We'll see.
Note: I was thinking about it, and I didn't want it to look like I was lumping Jake and Luke "The best aphrodisiac is my own manly musk" Thomas together. They were both on the same side in regards to that one point. While Thomas is an annoying pile of condescending, I love Jake, in a manly, non-erotic sort of way. Well, maybe a little erotic.

Fuck Sherdog.

I'm done with those fuckers. If they can't even see a parody without sending their lawyers after it, then fuck them. I'll find my info elsewhere. I posted them a lil' note:

Sherdog clearly is not getting their lawyers enough work, if they have to send them in after parodies.
I'd recommend suing more for less frivolous things, like...someone hurting your feelings, or perhaps a bee landing on your arm. Maybe you don't like the angle of the sun? Sue it!
Whatever else you do it will be less sandy-vagina-like than sending the lawyers in over a parody post.

Hopefully they'll ban my account or some stupid shit. Ridiculous cockswagglers.

nice, chuck

This is what I was talking about yesterday:

I watched it over, it's not a photo. It's just weird. From fightlinker

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Last night, Today, whenever

Some thoughts on TUF's debut, UFN 18, and various other shit:

  • The tributes to Mask seemed honest and straightforward. The empty seat between Punkass and Skrape was about as simple a remembrance you could ask for.

  • The announcement of the live-via-satellite bit with Chuck was creepy as fucking hell...the slow pan to an absolutely unmoving Iceman...I was getting a little scared.

  • Tyson Griffin is a tough dude. I wish he could finish someone though. He could store Cole Miller in his thigh muscle.

  • Junie Browning thinks he's going to be kicked out of the UFC, and honestly, it took way too long for it to happen, if it does. The guy may have some skills, but they're AAA skills, not major league skills. When your marquee wins are over Roli Delgado and Dave Kaplan it's time to move back down.

  • Dana White is a fucking cockass cunt whore prick shithead. Insufferably self-absorbed Luke Thomas doesn't think he should apologize for calling Loretta Hunt a bitch. Related note: please never talk again, Luke Thomas.

  • That Oispchucksdfs guy shouldn't be so full of himself for beating up a flabby Oompah Loompah.

  • Sherdog is run by retards and shitsuckers who can't take a joke. I wonder what Dana thinks of them? I also wonder why they think anyone would think they were "" after typing in "". A mystery of the lawyerly mind.

  • Brent Brookhouse is right: Condit-Kampann should have gotten FOTN.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hey weight a minute

I think I'll go to non-existent hell for my punny headline, but I got a question: Gleison Tibau and Lil' Heathen Stephens both missed weight for their fight tomorrow. They agreed to a catchweight. Are either of them going to be punished for not meeting their contractually-obligated weight? Is there a standard catchweight clause in contracts? Do either have to forfeit some of their purse?
Seems just as unprofessional as Ryan Jensen not realizing Adderall is verboten.
Also, Junie Browning is firmly in my Brock Lesnar/Mike Bisping camp of "fighters I hope walk into a headkick, fall over, and shit their pants on TV".

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