Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hold up now

Everyone is talking out their ass that the main event last night was embarrassing and that Silva should be ashamed. That's stupid. Silva fought a decent fight with a smart gameplan against a foe that absolutely refused to engage. I felt like Silva needed to release his hands in close, standing at range and not throwing so many times it hurt my head, but that's just not his game.
With any luck we won't have to see Leites on a main card again. If anyone should be ashamed it's Leites. The only comparable fight I can come up with is Qaurry-Starnes.
So what's next for Silva? Marquardt is my choice, or Yushin. Unfortunately Yushin is so deliberate that he may be as dull an opponent as Leites was...I take that back, that's impossible.
Maybe now people will back off Sylvia-Arlovski as the worst title fight ever. What's your pick for worst title fight ever? Caol Uno-BJ Penn? Last night? Gimme your take.

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