Wednesday, April 29, 2009

more TUF

I'm fast forwarding through the man-drama. don't care. Dan Henderson looks like a non-inspirational coach. Bitchy jocks whining at each other makes me want to puke.

Evans-Machida spots: awesome. Square butts Burger King spots? Diarrhea-inducing.

Good god...all those guys are there for themselves. None of them are there for their teams. Bisping saying "there's no egos on our team" is fucking stupid. They're ALL ego. that they can put it aside for a little while doesn't mean they're free of ego.

Damarques vs. Dean. Dean calls out "there'll be some black on black crime!" Damarques is as black as Barack. Which is to say, not very.

How fucking hard are they trying to make Bisping not look like a moron? Notice they're only showing Bisping looking smart? Dean looks a lot like Dave Chapelle, but not interesting. Damarques is one of the guys I liked going in. He sounds like Forrest Griffin. Oy, pray monkey. Gross. These guys must all pray to Old Testament god. Jesus isn't down with punching faces in. Just saying.

Martin has a horrible ear. Oh tension, no Bisping.

Rampage/Sadollah mini-interview. Rampage says he howls because he was a big fan of Teen Wolf.

The "Guy's Choice Awards" on Spike awards "The Mantlers".

Well here we go. Tough matchup for Dean. Damarques is fast as shit. Damarques' kimura was close...triangle. Jeez how many times did they warn him? Mismatch. Damarques has to be a bit of a favorite now, along with Winner. Dean looked like he had zero idea what to do about Damarques' ground game, though. If Damarques learns to sprawl a little bit better...ah who am I kidding, it wasn't long enough to know what's what.

OH! And Dean officially Pulls a Wang. Gotta love it.

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