Thursday, April 2, 2009

Last night, Today, whenever

Some thoughts on TUF's debut, UFN 18, and various other shit:

  • The tributes to Mask seemed honest and straightforward. The empty seat between Punkass and Skrape was about as simple a remembrance you could ask for.

  • The announcement of the live-via-satellite bit with Chuck was creepy as fucking hell...the slow pan to an absolutely unmoving Iceman...I was getting a little scared.

  • Tyson Griffin is a tough dude. I wish he could finish someone though. He could store Cole Miller in his thigh muscle.

  • Junie Browning thinks he's going to be kicked out of the UFC, and honestly, it took way too long for it to happen, if it does. The guy may have some skills, but they're AAA skills, not major league skills. When your marquee wins are over Roli Delgado and Dave Kaplan it's time to move back down.

  • Dana White is a fucking cockass cunt whore prick shithead. Insufferably self-absorbed Luke Thomas doesn't think he should apologize for calling Loretta Hunt a bitch. Related note: please never talk again, Luke Thomas.

  • That Oispchucksdfs guy shouldn't be so full of himself for beating up a flabby Oompah Loompah.

  • Sherdog is run by retards and shitsuckers who can't take a joke. I wonder what Dana thinks of them? I also wonder why they think anyone would think they were "" after typing in "". A mystery of the lawyerly mind.

  • Brent Brookhouse is right: Condit-Kampann should have gotten FOTN.

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