Monday, April 27, 2009

Fluff and garbage

I know it's slow MMA-news-wise right now, but can we have some stories that aren't just fluff and garbage? I feel I've been hatin' a little hard lately so I won't link right to them, but MAN have some MMA articles sucked lately! Even outside of rhymes-with-Flerdog's normal terrible writing, I've seen some horrible fluff pieces along the lines of "I just lifted two paragraphs from someone's biography, now I'll spend one more fellating them! Submit!" There's a "What if..." article out right now that simply repeats "What if this happened?" or "What if that happened?" and offers exactly zero insight or analysis. That's not an article!
Oh MMA sites, please, please take some editorial control here! Content doesn't consist of asking a question, but of trying to answer it! Even if the answer is "I'm not sure", it's better than absolutely nothing.

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