Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Michael Bisping doesn't "come across" as a bit of a dick, he is a dick. He's not in the house, he's a coach. I blame it on Nogueira, he started all this testicle-stroking. Of course, we also have to realize it's being edited to all hell.

Was the fight stopped too early? No one else seems to think so. That kid Miller didn't do hardly enough with his opportunities. Oshisdpkd;sjfack is not particularly good. If he wins, then we've got a weak cast.

Miller looked like he tapped to me.

Dan Henderson looks to be the only professional there thus far. Editing of course is a factor.

All in all an excellent fight, however, and yet again I'm reminded why I watch this on DVR...avoid the rest of it. I did kind of like the scenes with Bisping and his coaches breaking down tape. Is it me or does Bisping seem really uncertain most of the time? Like he's not sure he should be there, as coach. He said as much about his "assistant coaches".

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