Thursday, July 3, 2008


OK, the blog-consensus is that this saturday's showdown between Forrest and Jackson has "no heat" (it's been repeated enough, it must be true right?). While I can understand some of that, it seems like a lot of it is generated by the people saying it. They themselves, the "reporters" if you will, don't get up for this card and are thus not "sensing" any heat. Feh!

My theory? A lot of the early bloggers are getting a bit burned out on MMA for the moment.

Not "I quit" burned out, but they've developed a thick callous to protect them, and things seem less exciting than they back in 2002 and no one knew what all this "ultimate fighting" was.

As far as I'm concerned I'm definitely over the honeymoon, so maybe this feel I get off the range-o-blogs is just, well, me, selectively editing. But this card I'm excited for. I love watching Rampage fight, period. And now that Tito's out, 'Page brings the biggest head in the UFC to the cage, and he must protect the big-heads. I have Rampage by round 4 KO.

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