Thursday, July 30, 2009

Seanbaby goodness

I'm bitter fightlinker found this before me. That'll teach me to have another job that pays money. I hope you're happy with your glory and ramen, Ryan. Dammit.

Rashad Evans's Brain: "Guard our face."

Rashad Evans: "You... ouch... can't hurt me!"

Rashad Evans's Brain: "The guy barely even speaks English, stop playing mind games with his hands."

Rashad Evans: "Ow! You hit like a bitch!"

Rashad Evans's Brain: "Alright, fuck you. I'm not staying awake for this."

Rashad Evans's Legs: "Hey, we're falling this direction!"

Rashad Evans's Brain: "Oh, don't you start with me too. You do what you want, but I'm going this way!"

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

rewatching stuff

Just watching Lauzon-Florian. Lauzon looked to have edged that first round and just couldn't do a thing once he was mounted. Kenny's mount was smothering. The move he pulled to achieve it was cool too, off the takedown he kind of scoot-jumped over Creepy Joe's legs.
Hey, what's up with Karo Parisyan? I haven't heard a thing about him. He's still in the UFC right? That dude can beat any WW on a given night (or lose surprisingly to them).
I wish Kenny hadn't thanked god. I wonder if Lauzon did.

Fedor, Vadim, M-1

While it's looking like Fedor's not going to fight in the UFC any time soon (though who knows), it can't be THAT surprising. M-1 and Vadim Finklechtein (sp?! who knows) aren't management, or guys who work for him. He owns a chunk of M-1, and Vadim is his business partner. Why on earth would he break that partnership? Some money? He's already regarded the best heavyweight in the world. What's armbarring Brock Lesnar going to gain him?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

what the hey

Did I miss something? During introductions to the UFC 100 bout between Mir and Lesnar they named Mir a challenger and former UFC hw champ, and on the poster Fightlinker put up for 102 (which is pretty cool), they list Nog as former Pride champ.
Did Nog not fight for and win the Interim UFC HW belt? I remember them giving him a belt. Then Mir knocked him out and took it, right? This all happened, I saw it. What the hell is going on, are they just pretending it didn't happen?

Diaz-Heiron, Mousasi-Babalu

So Strikeforce swooped in and snagged Jay Heiron and Babalu/Mousasi for their Aug 15 card. They have Fabricio Werdum on there, whose matchup with Alistair Overeem went down the shitter. Why hasn't Fedor signed to fight Werdum? That would instantly transform this card from a compelling, groundbreaking card (with Carano-Cyborg as headliner) to and epic, all-time great card along the lines of the old Pride mega-cards, or some of the UFCs great shows.

Do it! Let M-1 copromote his fight, who gives a shit! Sign Fedor!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

GSP-Serra 2

Spike is showing GSP-Serra 2, and it's interesting to note that, for the most part, GSP used his relatively overwhelming size and wrestling advantage to dominate and land measured, careful strikes. Brock Lesnar used his overwhelming size and wrestling advantage to land careful, measured strikes on Frank Mir.
The question I have is this: In reviewing both fights, GSP's effort looks like the effort of a martial artist. Lesnar's looks like the effort of a big brother, or a security guard, or something. Little artwork to be seen in his display against Frank Mir.
So, why? Am I just bigoted against Lesnar because he's a fucking idiot meathead, with such deep, deep feelings of inadequacy (how fuckin' hard DID daddy hit you, dude?) that he has to scream at bludgeoned opponents? Or is he just that much worse than a disciple like GSP? They replayed Mir-Nogueira as well, and whatever anyone wants to say, Mir dominated that guy. Maybe Nog had a bad case of AIDS or got hit by another truck on his way in, who gives a fuck. Franky fucked him up pretty bad.
So they're back from commercial, and here's GSP with the takedowns, and the knees to the body. The crowd goes wild. Of course, it's a Montreal crowd, slightly (I'm guessing) behind GSP. He's dragging Serra around, mugging him, laying on him. Couture does the same thing.
It's funny, watching it again, Matt had opportunities in this fight. But man, GSP is good.
Anyways, what? Am I a bigot? Is Lesnar that shitty?

Friday, July 24, 2009


this whole week was a huge shit-avalanche. this affliction thing is bizarre. it's like the godfather movie where michael cleaned house. affliction was Fredo.

also, everyone's in tucking fizzy over Dana's "Welcome back Tito!" tweet, but no one called into the fucking radio show using the fucking phone number right in that same fuckin' tweet?

***Note: You'd think I'd read my own feeds before getting all testy. there was a note that White "hinted" at Ortiz coming back on the radio show. Heal thy own stupid self.

Oh boy

This whole Affliction thing is amazingly awful. It just gets worse and worse for Josh Barnett, too...he went from being on the verge of potentially putting himself on the map in the States as a big-time draw to being every half-wit blogger's whipping boy. Dude, if Jared Shaw points and laughs at you, you FUCKED UP BIG TIME. The Washington Nationals are all like "Pfft, fag."

Forget Vitor-Fedor

How about "cancel the whole fucking thing" instead?

That is just a big bag of what you think are eclairs, but mid-bite realize are puff-turds.

If this is indeed the case, where does Fedor go? M-1 is still trying to become a player. Strikeforce seems...iffy to me, for whatever reason. And Dana White is such a fucking dick I can't see Fedor signing with the UFC. It's hard to want to work for someone who screams dirty words in your face constantly, and calls your mother a whore.

1.5 million PPV buys for UFC 100...!

Ryan has a rundown, as well as pointing out the UFC's new place in American PPV history.

One thing struck me, when Ryan mentioned how shitty the Oscar De La Hoya vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. "event" was. It's that boxing hasn't really been an "event" for a while...just a fight, and usually only one fight that anyone even vaguely cares about. MMA cards tend to have implications, and interest, and fighters don't duck each other for years to pad out their records.

Gotta love it. Even if those 1.5 million ish got to see Brock Lesnar being a complete dick-wart.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vitor vs. Fedor...

***As news of the last few days has shown, this fight isn't 100% yet. But who the hell knows. Today the consensus seems to be "most likely Vitor-Fedor". Of course, making your mind up by averaging out generally wildly stupid blog posts is not necessarily something you'd want to bet money on.



Vitor's HL wins for soundtrack, but Fedor's wins for making me fear for my life.

Most-cornholed guy on Affliction 3?

Jorge Santiago...

Everyone but the UFC gets cornholed.

So Barnett is out of the Fedor fight. And Overeem is dropping out of his fight with Werdum for the Strikeforce belt.
So the UFC is sitting pretty, giggling like a school girl over their decision not to partner with Showtime. All of their competitors are getting screwed. Ah well. I wonder if some mob goons showed up at CSAC offices and said "Hey, it would be a shame if Barnett didn't test positive, you know?" and then grinned too long and made everyone uncomfortable before slowly walking out.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Why in the fuck

Why in the name of tiny baby jeebus balanced spinning on a pole is Dan Henderson going to fight Rich Franklin again? Why? What the fuck? What point is there to that fight? NONE! Holy shit! Franklin's supposed to be at 205 isn't he? Why on earth would he fight at 185? Why would Hendo go to 205? That's honestly the only reason I can come up with for Hendo taking the fight: As a 205lb contender fight, to get a shot at Machida. Hendo I seriously have zero doubts still wants belts in both weights. But Franklin? I guess he's a company guy.

It still makes no sense, answers no questions. Why in the world does Hendo have to fight this guy he beat already? And recently!

Ben Fowlkes is dead on

About why Fedor won't, and honestly shouldn't, come to fight for the UFC. They treat him like shit. Specifically, Dana White treats him like shit, badmouths him, and mocks his friends, employees, management, family, and accomplishments. Why the fuck would he go fight for the UFC? He'd have to be a fucking moron, unless we're talking a huge payoff, like 8-figure money. I can understand guys in the 6 figure range being happy enough fighting for the UFC, but Fedor is one of the few fighters in the world who can command boxer money. And, soon, probably Brock Lesnar. I can see Brock and Fedor hooking it up outside the UFC at some point down the road for huge dollars.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rodriguez: Wrong.

So Rodriguez, on Fightlinker, thinks that Cole Miller bitching out Junie Browning after their undercard fight on an UFN somehow compares to Brock Lesnar screaming at a clearly disoriented Frank Mir after one of the most-viewed, highest profile cards in UFC history.

Rodriguez, you're wrong.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Dear MMA Junkie and Yahoo MMA

The shit Lesnar is catching for behaving like an assclown is fully justified by his assclown behavior, not by whatever job he had before real fighting. So all your Lesnar backers: That excuse is dead, stop wasting words on it. The dislike for Lesnar is real, based on his own behavior and lack of skill, and isn't going away any time soon.

luv, g


That's a crazy meatball.

NPR this morning

On my drive in NPR talked about a photographic display at MOCA here in San Diego, Octagon: Photographs by Kevin Lynch
Sounds pretty interesting. At the link there's a before and after shot of Forrest Griffin. He's an emotional weirdo. I wonder if those WEC/Versus spots were in reaction to these shots or just coincidental? They were good spots, done on video rather than stills, showing fighters before and after fights, no voice, no words.

Ah, here you go:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dear Entire MMA Internet:

Kit Cope is an irrelevant scumbag. Please stop putting his name in my RSS feeds, because I don't even care enough to hate him.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

whoa...brown vs. aldo.

wonder how waggney fabiano will feel about this info? aldo and fabiano are teammates from what i understand...

diego confirms next title shot

here, sanchez says he's definitely next in line for a shot. whatever. i hope whoever wins beats the shit out of him.

Monday, July 13, 2009

bigger and stronger?

I know the narrative of Thiago Alves was that he was bigger and stronger than GSP coming in, and he showed flashes of power getting off the ground, but really, did he LOOK bigger or stronger? He looked shorter to me, and not particularly large at all. GSP, with his big ol' mule-ass and thighs four feet around looked like the bigger fighter to me.

if they only had a brain

all the pro-Brock articles I've read so far have been ferocious attacks on straw men...basically, making a point that they claim the anti-Lesnar posters make, and tearing it apart, while ignoring the actual point their "opponent" made. I even read one saying "the people who didn't like [his] post-fight shenanigans aren't real MMA fans, anyways". What the hell is that? Lesnar is a loss for the sport because he makes it smaller. the people who he will appeal to already bought the PPV's he was in. They didn't need to be convinced. his whole thing is a win for Brock Lesnar, and a loss for everyone else.


Fightlinker has a post up about how mainstream approbation doesn't matter. I disagree. No one's pretending it's not a brutal sport. But the problem is winning support for it as a sport, at all. Brock Lesnar cost that support, and Dan Henderson inexplicably forgetting the unspoken rule "thou shalt not admit to cheap-shotting an unconscious opponent" cost some support. I don't give a shit what other people think of the sport of MMA, but I love watching it, and watching it means expanding it. Otherwise it will slowly die.
I don't see why that's so hard to understand. The bigger it gets, the more athletes get involved, and the more, and better, fights we get. End of story.

more thoughts & a Mir quote

after thinking on it a bit, I believe that Lesnar's "antics" come from a pretty deep-set sense of inadequacy. I wonder if he has a really teeny-weeny. Like a dickie-doo. We'll (hopefully) never know. For all of Lesnar's talk of "loving" the boos, you know it hurts. part of his journey from scripted circus clown to mixed martial arts is a quest for legitimacy, for the people to love him as an athlete. They don't. He's a jackoff, which he proved at his most emotional moment.

Frank Mir speaks up to the press, closing with

"Hopefully next time, I'll show him how somebody is supposed to act in victory."

While the interview has plenty of cockiness (bordering on seemingly self-delusional, but athletes always seem that way), it also has plenty of humility and congratulations for Lesnar. Mir is just not a jackoff like Lesnar.

So, hopefully Mir wins two or three in a row and we see Lesnar-Mir III. I'd pay for it.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

fuck brock lesnar.

some people are coming out defending lesnar. they're fucking idiots.

lesnar is basically a bigger, whiter, more racist and roided-out version of kimbo slice. he was the UFC's biggest, most widely viewed fighter, and he blew it completely. he won with zero skill, just his great bulk and strength (which is valid), but his utter, complete, thorough lack of class, sportsmanship, or intelligence has made him into a clown. a joke. a shame. i thought babalu holding a choke too long was grounds for him being kicked out. dan henderson's extra punch was bullshit. but lesnar's garbage act is the worst piece of shit move i've seen since i started watching MMA.

so lesnar supporters? you're wrong.

it begins...

yahoo, etc so far have articles questioning Brock Lesnar's sportsmanship. that's exactly the problem, for a sport that despite the image Dana White et al are trying to project is on the edge of mainstream acceptability. The coverage of UFC 100 on ESPN that I saw was pretty positive if a bit bland. Let's hope it doesn't turn into TOny Kornheiser yelping like a stricken kitten about how some other athlete wouldn't act like Brock Lesnar.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

UFC 100 thoughts

Brock Lesnar is huge and fought a smart gameplan. He's a total dicksucker though.
Hendo's shittiness in throwing the last bomb after Bisping was out only barely surpasses the awesomeness of the knockout. Too bad. It was an awesome, boneriffic KO though.
Akiyama was gifted that decision. I cannot conceive of how one judge gave it to him 30-27. Belcher has every reason to be upset about that.
Jon Fitch is Jon Fitch. GSP is GSP. Tough luck for Jon Fitch.
I wish they'd shown more undercard fights. Apparently the Sub of the Night footage they showed was almost all of the Lawlor-Dollaway fight. I like it when CB Dollaway loses.
Decent event, exciting fights. Not a bad card, though hardly the "historic" level they'd pumped it up to be.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

100 Reasons Not to do a 100 Greatest Fights List

Actually, just two:

1) Stupid
2) Subjective
3) Boring
OK, three. Save your time, don't read or watch that shit. Go outside and eat a pear under a tree.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Diaz-Riggs 2 at 170lbs?

So, what's the over under on Diaz's weight? I'm saying he comes in at...192, and gives up 20% of his purse, then whips on Diesel. Are there any good 170lbers for Diaz to fight outside the UFC? He's fighting mismatches, basically, though doing a good job of putting those mismatches to bed as he should.
While I still think Diaz is the prince of ass-clowns, he's a damn good fighter. I'd like to see someone bust him open. What about Mayhem? They could fight at a catchweight of like 200lbs so Nick won't have to skip a bongload.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I just watched

some of the "Greatest 100 fights" or whatever they're calling the promo for 100 next weekend on spike. But it has a fatal error. It featured War "John 'War Machine' Koppenhaver" Machine. At all. The end. At least there's reruns of True Blood on.

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