Saturday, July 25, 2009

GSP-Serra 2

Spike is showing GSP-Serra 2, and it's interesting to note that, for the most part, GSP used his relatively overwhelming size and wrestling advantage to dominate and land measured, careful strikes. Brock Lesnar used his overwhelming size and wrestling advantage to land careful, measured strikes on Frank Mir.
The question I have is this: In reviewing both fights, GSP's effort looks like the effort of a martial artist. Lesnar's looks like the effort of a big brother, or a security guard, or something. Little artwork to be seen in his display against Frank Mir.
So, why? Am I just bigoted against Lesnar because he's a fucking idiot meathead, with such deep, deep feelings of inadequacy (how fuckin' hard DID daddy hit you, dude?) that he has to scream at bludgeoned opponents? Or is he just that much worse than a disciple like GSP? They replayed Mir-Nogueira as well, and whatever anyone wants to say, Mir dominated that guy. Maybe Nog had a bad case of AIDS or got hit by another truck on his way in, who gives a fuck. Franky fucked him up pretty bad.
So they're back from commercial, and here's GSP with the takedowns, and the knees to the body. The crowd goes wild. Of course, it's a Montreal crowd, slightly (I'm guessing) behind GSP. He's dragging Serra around, mugging him, laying on him. Couture does the same thing.
It's funny, watching it again, Matt had opportunities in this fight. But man, GSP is good.
Anyways, what? Am I a bigot? Is Lesnar that shitty?


Reverend Clint said...

ive been saying for a while GSP is really just a better version of Tito or Matt hughes... ie gnp/lay n pray

garth2 said...

it's a little different, in that GSP has other game that he can bring. he can strike (ask matt hughes' face) and he can submit fools (ask matt hughes' arm), and he can tito. I guess he's just the total package, and the fights he's had latelty have been most suited to victory by takedown and cautious pummeling. avoid the opponent's strengths at all costs.
the thing is...other fighters do this and they're "running" or "boring".

Reverend Clint said...

hence the "better" part. He is the total package but like you said have been fighting guys that are tailor made for him.

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