Sunday, July 12, 2009

fuck brock lesnar.

some people are coming out defending lesnar. they're fucking idiots.

lesnar is basically a bigger, whiter, more racist and roided-out version of kimbo slice. he was the UFC's biggest, most widely viewed fighter, and he blew it completely. he won with zero skill, just his great bulk and strength (which is valid), but his utter, complete, thorough lack of class, sportsmanship, or intelligence has made him into a clown. a joke. a shame. i thought babalu holding a choke too long was grounds for him being kicked out. dan henderson's extra punch was bullshit. but lesnar's garbage act is the worst piece of shit move i've seen since i started watching MMA.

so lesnar supporters? you're wrong.


charles said...

But but wah wah wah wah! Ha. I laughed at the on top of his wife comment. He is a douche for sure, but being that I watched this fight around UFC fans, I can say that he mirrors the fan base quite well.

charles said...

I also got a lot of dirty looks for only referring to him as Cock Chestner.

garth2 said...

yeah, it mirrors brock lesnar's fan base. i'm sure there's plenty of people who follow MMA who'll root for him, because they're clods. lesnar may hold the belt, but he's no champion, he's just a joke.

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