Monday, March 30, 2009

Luke Thomas thinks a lot of himself

I honestly don't think he could think more of himself, or his own importance. Here he excerpts an article from Sherdog, and adds:

I will give this new season of the reality show the benefit of the doubt early on, but if Spike and the UFC continue to traffic this lowest common denominator dreck, the gloves come off.


Really, did he read that before posting it? What utter bullshit. A) If they're broadcasting to the lowest common denominator, they're not broadcasting at you, so gloveless or not you will have no impact on their programming. 2) as long as the ratings are acceptable, they'll keep doing it, end of story. and III) I still love watching Jackass, so don't be dissing staples to the testicles, mr. sherdog writer guy.

All in all, a good thing. I hadn't had a staggeringly self-important Luke Thomas post in a while. I should really post this in comments, so I can be told in the most delusional, pretentious way imaginable about how they won't let people say things they don't like.

One last thing: can anyone else not stand MMA "purists"? Just, every time they open their mouths, it's like a massive shit-blast, turds of smug douchebaggery just lasering out like brown clods of vengeance. I'm sure I've sounded like that before.

Just in case we forgot

Since it looks like Matt Hamill is going to be fighting Brandon Vera in a weird-seeming matchup, here's Hamill's foot-based destruction of Mark Munoz.

Hamill caught a lot of shit for celebrating inappropriately. I'll never understand it myself. Did he pretend to dig a grave or do a gay-ass tiki warrior dance? Did he do the worm? Nope. But in this brave new interconnected world, people will always bravely and interconnectedly find a way to talk completely out of their assholes.

Fan club letter

I got one from Kenny:

I have some exciting news to share with you. Accordingly, I am happy to announce that I will be fighting BJ Penn on August 8th in Philadelphia, PA at UFC 101 for the UFC Lightweight title. I signed the fight contract over the weekend.

I dunno why the "accordingly" is in there.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

TapouT interview

with Skrape and Punkass. Some good stuff...Punkass couldn't say Mask died, at least at first he said "that day". Sad...

Royce wants to fight GSP?

I guess he can want all he wants, it ain't happening. Fightlinker has a take. FL asks "Can we PLEASE stop using the pioneers of yesterday as stepping stones for the next generation?" I'd say GSP needs no stepping stones. He's on top of the mountain. If anything GSP is a stepping stone for Royce as far as a three month or so leadup of hype would help his standing in the world after his 'roids suspension. GSP would grease up, beat his ass to a chunky paste, and head home.
The funny part would be neither fighter from the announcement of the fight to the post-fight interview (providing Royce is alive) using the letter H. It would make me very appy.

Sean Salmon is alive?!

Somehow I missed this: Sean Salmon is not only alive after his horrible KO loss to Jorge Santiago, he's won a fight! And he's got one coming up! Of course, he's also lost two fights since Santiago used his chin as a kneepad, but still. He's alive! and with a chance to earn his 16th career win. Wonders will never cease. Oh lord, I just noticed one of those losses was to Josh Haynes. That's not good...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Is this a mainstream view of MMA?

Kid Nate at BE posted this story by John Wertheim in SI. It's got a decent if brief rundown on Brock Lesnar. Nate thinks it's super, I found it "eh". A lot of fellating the hicks, which is something I'm not too into. Where did this worship of the hill folk come from? I like some of the rural life, but these are the people who brought us "Deliverance". Enough hero worship already.
Anyways, Wertheim's article is goofy in a few ways, for instance he has an incredibly brief description of Frank Mir, failing to note that he's a former champ and his recovery from a terrifying motorcycle accident. He barely touches on a number of points, and has an "aren't I clever" moment here:

MMA purists -- yes, they exist -- were wary of Lesnar's past in pro wrestling.
Anyways, my question was is this guy indicative of a mainstream view of MMA? He lingers over details like tractors, deerhunting, and the great snowy waste that Brock Lesnar probably sends checks to his private jet mechanic from, but barely notes Lesnar's rawness in the it because he doesn't know, or care, about the aspects Lesnar is ignorant or unaccomplished in? For instance, has Lesnar thrown a kick? I don't remember. Even Zangief could throw a god damned kick, what's up Kickless?
So is this guy's article a viable mainstream view, or is he just another one of those increasingly-rare stone-stupid "traditional" sports journalists?

Monday, March 23, 2009

txt chat with my brother

This morning via teh phones:

Me: "Kenflo/BJ for UFC 101 in Philly"
Him: "Does Kenny have a chance?"
Me: "If he gets good and greasy first. He is training w GSP"
Him: "Big John says Lube em up! Let's fight!"
Me: "Suspicions will be aroused when a guy in a Jiffy Lube uni corners Kenflo"
Him: "Team KY"
Me: "He'll skate down the aisle to the cage"
Him: "And squeeze through the chain links"

Ah, the hilarity. Seriously, though, this is Kenny's second title shot provided it comes to fruition. His first fight he was a very different competitor, and against a takedown machine like Sherk he wasn't able to put together much offense other than turning on the spigot on his forehead. I think we'll see a vastly improved KenFlo without a doubt. The fight's going to depend on what condition BJ shows up in. If he dogs it in training, or comes in distracted by this ridiculous greasing "controversy", he may be surprised. Honestly, though, he'll have to be in very bad shape to lose this fight. Kenny is solid, even excellent in almost every area of the fight game, but he has little knockout power in his hands. He's not going to grapple BJ Penn into submission. A defensive, backpedalling game doesn't generally work against BJ, but who knows? Kenny's got a great camp, and BJ's brain is questionable. I'd say BJ wins 80% of the time.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Aleks is a crackup

I know, it's translated and shit, but still...

I already answered about Crocop earlier. We offered Barnett a rematch and he refused. But last summer in America, during the first Affliction show, he came up to me all green and with shaking lips said "Sasha, I agree to fight with you". Therefore, possibly, revenge between us will take place.

He may have had "shaking lips" because he was terrified of catching teh hepsey. Just saying.

(Note that Hep C is the "Flava Virus"! I'm not sure what "flava" you'd get, other than shame and death. Also, the camera/microscope/whatever is called the "uLtRa GoLiAtH", which is quite 1337.)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Wandy signing to fight Ace

So there's a little video of Wand signing paperwork (weird) and then talking about fighting Rich Franklin. My first thought was "What weight class?". He doesn't mention it, but the comments say it's at a catchweight. So Rich Franklin's big "I'M GOING TO LHW" and Wand's "I'M GOING TO MW" ships-in-the-night thing meant nothing? Meh.
Should be an awesome fight though.

Indianapolis? Wha?

Via Fightlinker via the Indy Star, the state legislature is putting up a bill that would only regulate events with an attendance (I think? Maybe capacity? That's an important point, I'd reckon) over 5,000. I'm not sure that makes even a dollop of sense. These athletic commissions, outside of California, Las Vegas and New Jersey anyways, do certainly seem like a lazy-ass bunch of clowns. Some Canadians were the same way. When you have a job set up as a plum for supporters you get incompetent people in positions of power. Look at FEMA. Thousands of dead people will say Mike Brown did a poor job at his post.
I think the comparison is even more apt, because an unregulated smaller show is a lot more likely spot for a person to get killed in a fight.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Charles Lewis, AKA Mask from TapouT, dead

image from FightShop
The reports aren't saying it on the news yet, but the underground has confirmed Mask died in a car accident around 1am this morning.
MMA has few boosters as enthusiastic and tireless as Mask. He'll be missed. Rest in peace, man.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

UFC 96

Well the event started off with Jim Miller and Gray Maynard. Maynard is a tough fighter. No one else seemed impressed with his performance, but I thought he did a solid job over a game and talented opponent. Maynard has a foothold in the top tier of the lightweight division.
Pete Sell needs to get out of the UFC. A 9-7 Matt Brown, who never showed me much, pounded the shit out of Sell. Referee Yves Lavigne did an absolute crap job in this fight, seemingly stopped it, backing Brown off, then re-started it when Drago seemed unhurt. What the fuck was that? Brown continued on to kick the everlivin' hell out of Sell, at one point turning to the ref like "What else can I do, kill him? Asshole!"
Matt Hammill tried to get his ass back on a winning track against an inexplicably talked-up Mark Munoz. Frankly, neither guy looked like much in this fight. Both flailed wildly with punches, til Munoz walked into a "Knockout of the night" kick. Even with the highlight reel kick I was pretty bored with this fight.
Brandon Vera beat the crap out of an overmatched Mike Patt primarily with leg kicks. I don't understand how the fuck Vera can knock Patt down with a leg kick and not pounce on him and finish the fight. Whatever. Vera is still wildly overrated, but he can win squash matches.
Kendall Grove vs. Jason Day was disappointing. I thought Day was doing well til he walked into a big punch from Grove. Either Grove is getting better, or Day is not as good as I thought.
Barncat McCrory put a bad whipping on Ryan Madigan, who looked like he didn't belong anywhere near the octagon. The third time McCrory moved to mount I was surprised Madigan didn't tap.
In one of the few competitive fights of the night, Brilz and Boetsch put on a decent show. Brilz looked like a dead man in the first, but Boetsch showed his tank is questionable at closer to sea level. Both looked small for 205ers.
Rampage seemed utterly unconcerned by Jardine and delivered a solid unanimous decision win. Jardine was battered at the end of their fight, and Page looked like he'd just walked in. Rashad Evans showed some seriously questionable judgment, or at least bias for a teammate, saying the last punch or two pulled it out for Page. They engaged in some shit talking in the ring, but honestly I didn't need much buildup.
Carwin threw down an impressive KO of Gonzaga, but he got rocked twice and staggered by a guy not known for his hands. Tagging a guy on the button is impressive, but we'll see how he advances up the heavyweight foodchain. One thing that made me pause was the fact that Carwin weighed in 5 pounds under the heavyweight limit...big dude.
The only fight not shown was the opening bout, a TKO win by Shane Nelson over Aaron Riley. Apparently it was controversial. I dunno. I didn't see it.
One last note, UFC is flipflopping the Mir-Lesnar fight and the Rashad-Rampage fights so Mir can rehab his knee, uh, more? Page doesn't have a big turnaround for a title fight, but he must have okayed the change, so we'll see. Should be a fun fight between him and Rashad.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rampage talking about anger

"I don't like to get angry. I don't think it's fair"
"Fair to you? Or fair to them?"
"To them."

I love Rampage.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Baby Fedor? Fetal Fedor, maybe

Perhaps he's still a zygote, or the sperm and egg haven't even met yet. It would explain his need for enhancement.
Anyone else notice how the cases made by non-English speakers seem so much less convincing?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

WEC tonight

I thought I'd get my picks in early.

  • Champ Mike Brown vs. Leonard Garcia (for featherweight belt)
    I think MTB will avoid Garcia's hard swinging, find a way to take him down, and pull out a decision win.

  • Ricardo Lamas vs. Bart Palaszewski
    Dangerous fight for Bartimus, but he should be able to avoid the upset and pull out a Round 2 TKO.

  • Jose Aldo vs. Chris Mickle
    Aldo is a dangerous man. Look for a nasty, brutish and short beatdown.

  • Marcus Hicks vs. Rob McCullough
    McCullough could lose this fight, but he shouldn't. Depends on his brain...if Razor comes out focused, he should dominate a roudn 2 TKO. If not...

  • Phil Cardella vs. Danny Castillo
    Castillo R1 sub

  • Marcos Galvao vs. Damacio Page
    I'm going to take Damacio. He's got a lot of heart, and Galvao hasn't impressed me, ever. R1 sub (off some GNP)

  • Johny Hendricks vs. Alex Serdyukov
    Serdyokov is a pro, but Hendricks is a young athletic up-and-comer. I'll take Hendricks by R1 TKO, but Serdyukov could weather the storm and pull out a later-round win.

  • Kenji Osawa vs. Rafael Rebello
    These two guys I know nothing but what sherdog tells me. Osawa is a lot more experienced...I'll take Osawa by UD.

  • Alex Karalexis vs. Greg McIntyre
    Alex by wicked pissah UD.

  • Mike Budnik vs. John Franchi
    Franchi, R1 sub

  • Justin Haskins vs. Mike Pierce
    Pierce UD

WEC almost always puts together entertaining events, so I'm excited for this one.

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