Monday, March 23, 2009

txt chat with my brother

This morning via teh phones:

Me: "Kenflo/BJ for UFC 101 in Philly"
Him: "Does Kenny have a chance?"
Me: "If he gets good and greasy first. He is training w GSP"
Him: "Big John says Lube em up! Let's fight!"
Me: "Suspicions will be aroused when a guy in a Jiffy Lube uni corners Kenflo"
Him: "Team KY"
Me: "He'll skate down the aisle to the cage"
Him: "And squeeze through the chain links"

Ah, the hilarity. Seriously, though, this is Kenny's second title shot provided it comes to fruition. His first fight he was a very different competitor, and against a takedown machine like Sherk he wasn't able to put together much offense other than turning on the spigot on his forehead. I think we'll see a vastly improved KenFlo without a doubt. The fight's going to depend on what condition BJ shows up in. If he dogs it in training, or comes in distracted by this ridiculous greasing "controversy", he may be surprised. Honestly, though, he'll have to be in very bad shape to lose this fight. Kenny is solid, even excellent in almost every area of the fight game, but he has little knockout power in his hands. He's not going to grapple BJ Penn into submission. A defensive, backpedalling game doesn't generally work against BJ, but who knows? Kenny's got a great camp, and BJ's brain is questionable. I'd say BJ wins 80% of the time.

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