Friday, March 13, 2009

Indianapolis? Wha?

Via Fightlinker via the Indy Star, the state legislature is putting up a bill that would only regulate events with an attendance (I think? Maybe capacity? That's an important point, I'd reckon) over 5,000. I'm not sure that makes even a dollop of sense. These athletic commissions, outside of California, Las Vegas and New Jersey anyways, do certainly seem like a lazy-ass bunch of clowns. Some Canadians were the same way. When you have a job set up as a plum for supporters you get incompetent people in positions of power. Look at FEMA. Thousands of dead people will say Mike Brown did a poor job at his post.
I think the comparison is even more apt, because an unregulated smaller show is a lot more likely spot for a person to get killed in a fight.

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