Sunday, November 25, 2007

Serra out, GSP in, bullshit reigns

As any MMA fan knows by know, Matt Serra is injured, and GSP is stepping in to fight Hughes for an interim belt. Presumably Serra will fight the winner when her recovers.
How long was Rich Franklin hurt? The UFC just stuck his fucking belt on the shelf and let him recover. Frank Mir, and now Matt Serra, they get the stinky end of the fuckstick.
Frankly I think we oughta let Matt Serra recover, and get on with it. Dana White and the UFC are the ones who put the belt on the shelf to begin with, not Matt Serra. So Serra's belt is compromised because the UFC wanted to feature him on a retarded reality show?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

i paid for it

worst pay-per-view ever.

Monday, November 12, 2007

in case anyone was wondering

THIS is why the Diaz-Noons fight got stopped. The "Cutz r teh gey" argument rambling around various forums is ridiculous. That's like a guy getting knocked out and saying "Well, unconsciousness is stupid. He woulda won if they didn't allow consciousness to get in the way of fighting".
Dumb argument.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

ShoXC Renegade thoughts: Nick Diaz is a bitch

Image belongs to SHERDOG.COM.
I watched ShoXC Renegade last night with my brother and my roommate. Apparently, the entrance area of the set was put together by a massive interior designer, because it looked like a huge living room. The ring entrances seem to be missing something to me...there's like a blank feel to them sometimes. Perhaps they should let fighters walk out with their crews.
I got most of the fights right on mmaplayground
The first fight they showed was Antonio Silva and Jonathan Wiezorek. Silva has that glandular huge-guy look where his forehead is freaky and his chin's all stretched out, but he's 6'2"'re used to seeing that on 6' 9" and up guys. Regardless, Silva is a beast, and at super heavyweight he was super-fast and agile, just like Sam Caplan (whose breakdown I based my pick of Silva on) expected, and he choked out a doughy-looking Wiezorek pretty capably. I'd like to see Silva fight someone at 265 or under. He's a powerful-looking fighter.
Next up was Kyle Noke and Seth Kleinbeck. Noke looks like a game fighter, but he seemed nervous. Kleinbeck is defintely capable, but it felt like he was getting dominated slowly but surely (in the second round) until Noke opened up a HUGE (not Marvin Eastman huge, but huge still) cut on his forehead. It was shaped like an eye. Noke to his credit didn't jump around like an idiot, though Greg Jackson was stoked for him.
Jake Shields vs. Mike Pyle seemed like it would be better. Shields took Pyle to the ground after an intial knee, and methodically worked himself to mount, where Pyle spun a couple times before Shields snapped a rear naked choke into place. Pyle apparently had, before the fight, refused to sign a long-term contract, and in so doing denied Shields a chance at a title fight. Shields noted before and after that it pissed him off. Shields is riding a nine-fight streak and has pounded or choked out his last four or five. Top five welterweight.
Kimbo Slice vs Bo Cantrell was a downer. Bo Cantrell either took a dive, broke a rib, or is the world's biggest pussy. Kimbo hit him hard once and he was literally tapping on his way to the mat. It was an air tap. If Cantrell didn't get hurt or have a lot of sand in his vagina he took at dive for a payday. I'd buy it if his rib was broken, that hurts, and the shot Slice delivered to his ribs was vicious, you could see it shake his whole frame. But still...what a fucking jackass. Of course, I guess I could let Kimbo hit me in the ribs and see how I felt. I'm starting to tear up thinking about it.
Nick Diaz vs KJ Noons: Nick Diaz is a crybaby bitch. Diaz stormed out of the ring in a fucking huff like a little primadonna shithead. He got dominated and cut up by a smaller man, and instead of taking it like a man, he ran off crying and giving the finger to the audience. I lost almost all respect for Diaz after that. On the way through the tunnel he smacked the cameraman. What a a fucking dick! You know what Randy Couture did when he lost his belt to an accidental eyepoke? Shook his opponent's hand, gave a post fight interview, and got back to training. Had Diaz kept his cool and done an interview asking for a rematch, EliteXC would have been STOKED. A title rematch, bang, there's one event headliner we don't have to worry about. I'd be surprised if he had another shot in ShoXC, but of course this is the org that hires, and defends, noted felon Krazyhorse Bennett, so on second thought I'd be unsurprised. I just want to go on record saying: Nick Diaz acted like a whiny, stupid bitch last night, and deserves heaps of scorn. I don't know how stoned he's going to have to get to block out the memory of his bitch move, but I reckon it'll be a lot. By the time he's done he'll have invented a new scenario where he comes out looking like some hardcore ghetto hero. Nick, you fucked up.
KJ Noons, on the other hand, came out looking like a star. He's got heavy hands, and he never seemed to be even remotely in trouble. He jacked Diaz's face with that knee, and brought a lot more that sliced up Diaz pretty badly. Diaz's only offense was a slam after the bell. Congratulations to KJ Noons, good luck with the boxing.

Friday, November 9, 2007

EliteXC picks

OK. Time to go on the record. My picks in bold.

Karl James Noons vs. Nick Diaz I'm taking the upset here. I think KJ will bring a boxing match that Diaz hasn't seen, and challenge Nick's iron-hard chin. I'm taking this as a total upset, and if Nick wins, I will be completely unsurprised and enjoy being wrong. Should be a barn-burner.

Kevin Ferguson vs. Bo Cantrell Kimbo Slice...based on Bas Rutten's training and his power. Cantrell has a lot of experience, and could upset based on nerves and adrenalin dump, but I see Kimbo coming through here.

Mike Pyle vs. Jake Shields I think Jake Shields is the best welterweight not fighting in the UFC, and a top three fighter in his weight class. Should dominate.

Antonio Silva vs. Jonathan Wiezorek Wiezorek has a great record, but I think Silva is too quick for hiim.

Seth Kleinbeck vs. Kyle Noke

Yves Edwards vs. Nick Gonzalez
Geoff Bumstead vs. Robert Ruiz

Jon Kirk vs. Matt Lucas

Brett Rogers vs. Ralph Kelly

Jae Suk Lim vs. Daniel Pineda

I made a lot of these picks reading other people's reviews/predictions and going over records in sherdog and other places, so take it as such. Most of the undercard fighters I have no knowledge of outside of that.

I watched the replay of "Uprising" just now, and I gotta say they put together a good show. Villasenor-Fukuda, Shields-Verissimo, Diaz-Aina, and Lawler-Rua were all good fights. The chick fight was okay. In re Diaz-Aina, I had Diaz winning all three rounds, though I can see someone making a strong case either way. Quadros said Aina won, and he knows a couple things about fighting. Lawler is a bad, bad man. Jake Shields is basically why I ordered Showtime yesterday. I'd like to see him fight a LOT more, and it's going to be with EliteXC, so here I am.

I was surprised after watching the TapouT ep with "Charuto" that he came out wearing non-TapouT trunks. Wonder what happened there? Fukuda could be something special if he finds a way to string a lot more punches together at a go.

I'm jacked up for tomorrow night's event, and I'm hoping that Showtime/EliteXC show me something good.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

evan tanner coming back...

Ok...Evan Tanner is announcing he's coming back to the UFC. I like Evan Tanner, I love his style, I hope he does well. But can he compete in the current UFC middleweight division? I think he'll beat the crap out of most of the MW's out there right now, but I also think he'll get utterly destroyed by Anderson Silva. There's a couple fights that sound interesting...Tanner-Marquardt for one...but really, the champ is the one who defines the division, and with The Spider in there, that is the guy Tanner has to measure up to. The real problem comes up when you consider the number two fighter in the division. Rich Franklin beat Evan pretty convincingly. Tanner's going to have to beat Franklin before he can be considered #2...and Franklin is not on the same strata as Silva. So we end up, again, with a man-among-boys situation, where the champ is so much beyond everyone else that it renders every other fight an also-ran situation. So someone runs off 5 wins in middleweight...someone's gotta fight Silva. Do I think Tanner can beat Silva? If he comes in perfect and Silva has an off-day, yes. But outside of that specific situation, no way in hell. Silva's too accurate and hits too hard.
Tanner could make for a few interesting fights in the UFC, but I just don't see him as a legit contender for the belt unless he's changed drastically since his last fights against the cream of the division at the time. I mean, David Louiseau beat the hell out of him.
To turn back on myself one more time, I'd say that with a good solid camp, and a clear head, Tanner could take almost anyone. When he's on, he's dangerous, fast, and knows himself. So who knows? Talk about an X-factor, he's got me runnin' around in circles. I'm looking forward to finding out.

Babalu vs. Fedor


good Din Thomas post at UFC Daily

Although "scrutinizing" is not an adjective, this article at UFC Daily is a pretty good breakdown on Din Thomas' situation in Florida after his arrest for...something.
And yes, I know picking on vocabulary mistakes in blog posts is a dick move. I don't care, I'm a dick. I still recommend UFC Daily, and blagroll 'em, in addition to checking their fed every single day. So I say Pfah to you, you nit repickers.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

whoa! took my time posting

I know my reader was upset about the lag in posts.
OK, I may still watch 78, because my temper's cooled off about the Randy thing. I may not pay for it though. And I don't mean I'll steal it off the intertubes, Mr. Evil Lawyer with way too much time on his hands if he ends up here.

So now TWO good fighters are twiddling their thumbs because they won't play ball with the UFC. Andrei Arlovski is doing security for Jerry Springer, and Nate Marquardt is basically chillin', with one fight on his deal left. Greg Jackson, Marquardt's trainer, said this:

"This loss was my fault. I based too much on the Lutter fight in trying to get the fight to the ground. We were in too much of a rush, and Nate got caught. But we can work on those things, and we'll be better next time."
It certainly looked like it. I think Arlovski's move to keep somewhat in the media spotlight are smart, and helps him keep his sponsors happy. I don't know what Nate can do, however. This is one thing about MMA, and specifically the UFC, that I dude pretty much seems to have veto power over everything. Contract negotiations determine fights. That sucks. Fighters should determine fights. Styles and storylines. Marquardt's opponent in his last fight has already fought again, and Arlvoski's prime is being wasted. Let's see some action!

One of my local papers has an article on KJ Noons up, tho it feels pretty trunctuated to me, even though this quote gives me an idea why Brandon Vera split:
“That's the thing that is going to make this kid all his money,” said Dion. “Very rarely do you find someone in this sport this good looking.”
I need an adult!

Local promotion Total Combat just staged an event, and has another one coming up in a month.

UPDATE: Even though it felt like two minutes, a couple hours later it comes out that Marquardt's camp is indeed talking with the UFC, possibly for 81.

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