Sunday, November 25, 2007

Serra out, GSP in, bullshit reigns

As any MMA fan knows by know, Matt Serra is injured, and GSP is stepping in to fight Hughes for an interim belt. Presumably Serra will fight the winner when her recovers.
How long was Rich Franklin hurt? The UFC just stuck his fucking belt on the shelf and let him recover. Frank Mir, and now Matt Serra, they get the stinky end of the fuckstick.
Frankly I think we oughta let Matt Serra recover, and get on with it. Dana White and the UFC are the ones who put the belt on the shelf to begin with, not Matt Serra. So Serra's belt is compromised because the UFC wanted to feature him on a retarded reality show?


MMA Critique said...

It's not Serra's fault that they thought it was a good idea that the WW belt wouldn't be defended until the end of the year.
The reasons they made this interim title was so that they're wouldn't be back to back events without a title fight and they want to mimic Pride and have big end of the year shows.

garth2 said...

yah, i follow that logic. i just don't think putting the belt on the shelf for that long is a good idea in any event. now the HW, WW, and LW belts are all in limbo to some extent, and the MW belt's basically owned by the freaking Balrog.

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