Wednesday, November 7, 2007

whoa! took my time posting

I know my reader was upset about the lag in posts.
OK, I may still watch 78, because my temper's cooled off about the Randy thing. I may not pay for it though. And I don't mean I'll steal it off the intertubes, Mr. Evil Lawyer with way too much time on his hands if he ends up here.

So now TWO good fighters are twiddling their thumbs because they won't play ball with the UFC. Andrei Arlovski is doing security for Jerry Springer, and Nate Marquardt is basically chillin', with one fight on his deal left. Greg Jackson, Marquardt's trainer, said this:

"This loss was my fault. I based too much on the Lutter fight in trying to get the fight to the ground. We were in too much of a rush, and Nate got caught. But we can work on those things, and we'll be better next time."
It certainly looked like it. I think Arlovski's move to keep somewhat in the media spotlight are smart, and helps him keep his sponsors happy. I don't know what Nate can do, however. This is one thing about MMA, and specifically the UFC, that I dude pretty much seems to have veto power over everything. Contract negotiations determine fights. That sucks. Fighters should determine fights. Styles and storylines. Marquardt's opponent in his last fight has already fought again, and Arlvoski's prime is being wasted. Let's see some action!

One of my local papers has an article on KJ Noons up, tho it feels pretty trunctuated to me, even though this quote gives me an idea why Brandon Vera split:
“That's the thing that is going to make this kid all his money,” said Dion. “Very rarely do you find someone in this sport this good looking.”
I need an adult!

Local promotion Total Combat just staged an event, and has another one coming up in a month.

UPDATE: Even though it felt like two minutes, a couple hours later it comes out that Marquardt's camp is indeed talking with the UFC, possibly for 81.

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