Monday, March 30, 2009

Luke Thomas thinks a lot of himself

I honestly don't think he could think more of himself, or his own importance. Here he excerpts an article from Sherdog, and adds:

I will give this new season of the reality show the benefit of the doubt early on, but if Spike and the UFC continue to traffic this lowest common denominator dreck, the gloves come off.


Really, did he read that before posting it? What utter bullshit. A) If they're broadcasting to the lowest common denominator, they're not broadcasting at you, so gloveless or not you will have no impact on their programming. 2) as long as the ratings are acceptable, they'll keep doing it, end of story. and III) I still love watching Jackass, so don't be dissing staples to the testicles, mr. sherdog writer guy.

All in all, a good thing. I hadn't had a staggeringly self-important Luke Thomas post in a while. I should really post this in comments, so I can be told in the most delusional, pretentious way imaginable about how they won't let people say things they don't like.

One last thing: can anyone else not stand MMA "purists"? Just, every time they open their mouths, it's like a massive shit-blast, turds of smug douchebaggery just lasering out like brown clods of vengeance. I'm sure I've sounded like that before.

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