Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Is this a mainstream view of MMA?

Kid Nate at BE posted this story by John Wertheim in SI. It's got a decent if brief rundown on Brock Lesnar. Nate thinks it's super, I found it "eh". A lot of fellating the hicks, which is something I'm not too into. Where did this worship of the hill folk come from? I like some of the rural life, but these are the people who brought us "Deliverance". Enough hero worship already.
Anyways, Wertheim's article is goofy in a few ways, for instance he has an incredibly brief description of Frank Mir, failing to note that he's a former champ and his recovery from a terrifying motorcycle accident. He barely touches on a number of points, and has an "aren't I clever" moment here:

MMA purists -- yes, they exist -- were wary of Lesnar's past in pro wrestling.
Anyways, my question was is this guy indicative of a mainstream view of MMA? He lingers over details like tractors, deerhunting, and the great snowy waste that Brock Lesnar probably sends checks to his private jet mechanic from, but barely notes Lesnar's rawness in the sport...is it because he doesn't know, or care, about the aspects Lesnar is ignorant or unaccomplished in? For instance, has Lesnar thrown a kick? I don't remember. Even Zangief could throw a god damned kick, what's up Kickless?
So is this guy's article a viable mainstream view, or is he just another one of those increasingly-rare stone-stupid "traditional" sports journalists?

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charles said...


If he can't punch it to death, then he can't win.

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