Monday, July 20, 2009

Why in the fuck

Why in the name of tiny baby jeebus balanced spinning on a pole is Dan Henderson going to fight Rich Franklin again? Why? What the fuck? What point is there to that fight? NONE! Holy shit! Franklin's supposed to be at 205 isn't he? Why on earth would he fight at 185? Why would Hendo go to 205? That's honestly the only reason I can come up with for Hendo taking the fight: As a 205lb contender fight, to get a shot at Machida. Hendo I seriously have zero doubts still wants belts in both weights. But Franklin? I guess he's a company guy.

It still makes no sense, answers no questions. Why in the world does Hendo have to fight this guy he beat already? And recently!


Eric Kamander said...

I agree, although the first fight was close and the decision controversial.

garth2 said...

yeh...close...but it doesn't warrant a rematch. no one's clamoring for jardine-liddell 2.

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