Wednesday, April 29, 2009

TUF ep 4

typical start, recapping the last ep

they're trying desperately to setup the "UK is a TEAM! US int!" angle, but honestly who gives a shit? You think those UK guys won't beat the living hell out of each other? What are they united by, a common hatred of arabs?

first fight andre winner, who impressed me in the UK qualifier, vs. santino, who should have been TKOd in his qualifier.

man just showing the warmup I hope Santino doesn't fight like that. His chin has a "hit here" sign hanging off it.

Its pretty effed up how soon after qualifying US has to fight.

they talk about "octagon jitters"...i think we get that in TUF as well as on the UFN's and PPV's. some guys just look intimidated, more by cameras than the crowd I'd imagine.

BTW, what was up with Running Bitch Bisping's paperwork in previous eps? He said his visa or whatever wasn't lined up...what's with that? did he show up with a bunch of heroin balloons up his ass? Curious minds want to know.

Oh that chin is up high...weird leg kicks from Winner, they're like with his foot, not his shin...Winner is A LOT faster...santino pulls guard? santino's ground game is OK off his back...or not, TKO for Winner. Winner is just better. Santino had no chance. Winner was really playing it safe.

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