Monday, April 13, 2009

The Wayback Machine....UFC 70

How stupid are MMA fans? They're as stupid as the gang watching Arlovski vs. Werdum at UFC 70 in England, and that is fucking stupid. If you can't watch Arlovski dominate a dangerous Werdum that completely without being "bored", you're an idiot too. That was one of Arlovski's two career decisions, the other a loss to Sylvia in a real snoozer that I have no apologies for. Is it Arlovski's fault that Werdum lacked the skill or courage to come at him? I don't think so. I'd recommend turning off the commentary to not hear the frankly shameful, sloppy blowjob that Joe Rogan administers to the UFC brass, telling us all about how unexciting things are, and leading the fans along to how he sees it. Sure, it's his job to give his viewpoint. But trashing a guy with the credentials Arlovski brings because Werdum has no game? Arlovski's fought the best, winning and losing. Werdum got KO'd by Junior dos Santos.
Honestly I'm pissed the UFC let Arlovski go. He deserved better. Both guys are out of the UFC right now, in large part because Joe Rogan talked shit and Werdum ran.

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