Monday, February 14, 2011

Reilly and the Fertittas

The more I learn about NY state congresscritter and his potential conflict of interest with the Fertittas brothers over their treatment of hotel workers, and their union, the more I hope the UFC fails. I know unions aren't always great, but they represent the little guy. The Fertittas, and Dana White, they represent themselves, millionaires. And the mob, but that's a different story. Is it weird that a union, examples of which have long been mob cash cows, is in conflict with a business with known (well, strongly implicated) organized crime connections? Weirder and weirder.
What is definitely weird is the number of "media" outlets in the MMA world that are whole-hog in favor of lynching Reilly. Are you REALLY that far up Dana White's ass? Are you REALLY in favor of the shitty monopolistic anti-labor practices the UFC follows? Are you REALLY rooting for a petty, vindictive tyrant like White and two questionably-moralled guys like the Fertittas? Really, MMA "media"?


charles said...

By "media" do you mean blogs? And if so I read a comment from a Kettle on the Pot Blog that you're black.

garth2 said...

you're saying I'm in favor of the things i'm saying other people shouldn't be in favor of? i thought the implication that i was, indeed, not in favor of those things would get through. at least not the way these folks are talking about it.

charles said...

No, I'm just saying you write a blog about MMA there for you are the quote media unquote. I took the "media" as a stab at them for being no more than blogs.

Look, I don't even care I was just being a jackass like always.

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