Thursday, November 4, 2010

TUF tonight, other crap

Dude...Josh Koscheck is either the world's worst douchebag, or the TUF editors are made of some kind of evil jelly. He comes off as more of a douche than ever. The whole Kos-Medic "drama" is retarded beyond belief.

The fight was relatively boring. That Stevens character...hopefully he either gets in a good camp and actually learns how to fight before the Finale show (if he's invited after two losses), or he gives up and just starts brawling, because he's definitely not a major-leaguer at the moment. Are any of these kids other than maybe Jonathan Brookins? I know it's hard to judge watching this shitty show, and guys often turn out different afterwards (Cole Miller, Gray Maynard, Georges Roop and Sotiropolous spring to mind) but damn, son, this gang of fighters seems pretty half-assed. Moreso than the England vs USA season (remember that abortion?).

Honestly, I'll be happy when it's over.

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