Monday, November 1, 2010


UFC-WEC "Merger"? Not really a merger is it? The WEC is disappearing, like it did in that PPV event. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the UFC adding divisions. I think we need a 125 and to have the HWs divided up as well, a cruiserweight, light heavy, heavy, and super-heavy division would be good. But I'm like that.
There's quite a few UFC lightweights that can head to featherweight right now, although they may want to wait for Jose Aldo to head up first. Jeremy Stephens, Spencer Fischer, and Sean Sherk jump to mind. There's certainly more. I wonder if a guy like Clay Guida keeps his gas tank and strength ten lbs lighter? Interesting.
I had a lot of MMA over the last couple weeks, some good, some OK, some crap. I'm sick of hearing people bitch and moan about Zoila's win. She fought a decent fight and took it to the cards. She did enough to win. Tough luck, Mega Megu. Get more than one takedown, next time. Alexander Schlemenko sure can take a punch.
Cain-Brock was entertaining if one-sided. I was surprised to see the flying knee attempted by Lesnar. Probably not a good choice though. Of course gameplans are harder to implement when you're getting hit by an angry Mexican freight train.
Looking forward to Yushin-Marquardt, even on tape delay. Another big MW for Nate to battle, another overseas headliner for Yushin. I like both fighters, so I am going to root for a good fight, and guess that Okami pulls out a slim decision.

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