Tuesday, August 4, 2009


fightlinker sez:

Here’s hoping Scott Coker gets creative and figures something interesting out for Fedor’s first Strikeforce fight, or we’re going to be magically transported back to 2006 when everyone got really resentful the first time Fedor stopped fighting top ranked opponents and instead spent two years fighting fat dudes, middleweights, old men, and giants.
while i agree with 99% of what ryan says, the UFC has only a few guys to offer as legit contenders to the real HW crown, which is basically sewn to Fedor's deceptively pudgy midsection. there's giant, unskilled but athletic brock lesnar, light heavyweight old man randy couture, testicularly vulnerable mirko cro cop (i'm not going to lie and say i wouldn't beat up my family to see that fight), another matchup with aging Big Nog, and up and comers shane carwin and cain velasquez. all in all I'd rather he was in the UFC too, but I guess I never thought he'd get there in the first place, so my hopes didn't have as far to fall.
right now we've got fights for fedor in japan. Barnett and Silva could fight out there, if Barnett wants to end his career overseas. Mighty Mo is plausible for the states, as well as Pee Wee Herman, though I don't see him being ready for Fedor yet. Obviously Brett Rogers and Overeem are in strikeforce...Brett would most likely get eaten alive, but I thought Andrei would beat him up too.

Eh, speculation is speculation. I'm honestly not interested in freak losses by fedor against guys like gil yvel or jeff monson. That's where the most people are massively disappointed, that he won't be fighting top ten guys (even though Fight! has Monson, Overeem and Rogers all in the top ten...wtf? Monson? #4?)

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