Thursday, April 29, 2010

TUF thoughts

Thank god I had the DVR working last night. I like how they have started making Tito look like he's a fuckup in advance of booting him/his retirement/whatever the fuck lead to him lobbing Jenna around.
That kid Josh looked like a lot of the fighters they have on that show, solid chin, excellent power, but no discipline or skillset. If he'd just listened to Hackelman he would have KOd that clown easily. I'd like to see him develop a lot, he could have potential. He's a little short for 185.
Again, what's with guys showing up with no cardio? It's like, over eleven seasons, no one has figured out that they go on the show to fight for up to fifteen minutes. I've speculated before that the adrenaline dump may be partly a factor (not original thinking, stuff I've heard from fighter blogs and interviews etc), plus the weird situation of fighting in front of a handful of people and almost as many cameras. Still...they know that's going to happen too. Just once I'd like to see a fighter who's not utterly sucking air at the start of the second round.
The Dana White-Chuck Liddell "mad dog" teaser was a bit of a curveball. Of course, they're 'bros' as I believe the children say these days, which in turn would mean they are in front of 'hos'. Thus it is unlikely the spat is anything more than just that.

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