Saturday, April 24, 2010

There are few things I won't shell out $45 for

  • Jose Aldo seemed to be sticking to a gameplan like glue. I thought he could have finished Faber more than once, but didn't want to give even the hint of an opening to the California Kid. And yes, Faber is overrated. He's a top-tier fighter, but he's no longer a top five featherweight.

  • Manvel the Anvil broke my heart. I thought MTB would get him.

  • Leonard Garcia was given a very early Xmas gift.

  • Benson Henderson, random exclamations at invisible sky people aside, is the fuckin' man. One small mistake by the cocky Cowboy and it's all over. And the way Cerrone tapped you know that choke hurt.

  • It was weird seeing Goldberg and Rogan announcing the fights, but they did a fine job.

  • Cowboy and Mike Thomas, despite being some of the best fighters in the world (in my book), need to do some serious thinking on their games. Changes are in order.

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