Friday, February 19, 2010

Bravo Jens

Via ProMMA Radio, Jens Pulver isn't ready to hang his shit up yet.

"I was very close. I was done. I just didn't make the announcement. I told Dana and everybody that it was over. The name Jens Pulver was done.... That's the mortality I was talking about after the fight. People were rushing me to say goodbye to something I've done my whole life. I got really bitter about it. This is all I've known my whole life. This stuff saved my life. And people are gonna tell me when I'm done? F**k that. I'm gonna tell myself when I'm done. I don't care if I lose twenty straight fights.... I enjoy training and I enjoy competing. The athlete in me ain't ready to die yet."

As long as he's fighting sanctioned fights and not getting massacred, do what you love Jens. Same with all these guys. Mark Coleman (sorry if I shit on you before), keep fighting if you want it. Randy, Dan, Tank, even Sylvia. Go to town, guys.

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