Sunday, February 14, 2010

I dunno what cage tater is confused about

In a recent post they titled "Whatchoo talkin' bout Bobby Lashley?" CP says that Lashley's statement:

"Either let me fight the way I want to, build up and get a few fights under my belt and then work my way up there, or let me fight the champ."

[...]the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Why? He either wants to build up (or "pad" if you're feeling less than charitable) his record and skills, or get the biggest money fight he can get. That's neither dumb nor hard to understand. So I guess what I'm saying is I'm a-maized they're corn-fused.
Sadly for Brett he's in a shitty spot right now...he already lost to Fedor, but he's too dangerous and too unknown for any other top heavyweights to really want to mess with him. A fight with Rogers is a no-win proposition for Lashley, who's got the opportunity to actually make a name for himself provided he runs his game right. Think about it...he main asset right now other than some great athleticism, good takedowns, and decent ground and pound, is his name. He's gotta leverage that as smartly as he can.
I'm constantly surprised by people getting upset that these guys want to get paid for their fights, and want to maximize that paycheck as much as possible. Writers can write all the way up to their last breath. Fighters only fight for a relative few years. What other career outside of athletics are you considered too old for in your forties?

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