Sunday, February 21, 2010

UFC 110

Well, that was a pretty entertaining card all around. Not one of those fights disappointed me, except for Bonnar-Szlkjga;lgjafsadfski not being called a No Contest (hopefully they'll look it over and rethink the outcome, Bonnar doesn't deserve that result from a head strike). I wish Wandy had opened like he finished, and I hope Bisping gets shown the door soon. Ryan Bader had the misfortune of bringing a wonderful KO win when Big Nog was passing the torch in the main event, losing the kid a KO of the Night bonus. Ryan could be a real force at 205 as he grows. Jardine on the other hand may be done in the UFC. I guess it's good to have mid-level gatekeepers, but I don't know that a contract is necessary for that.
Sotiropolous-Stevenson had a shitload of letters and a lot of great grappling. I didn't think Sotiropolous had that much game on his feet, and apparently neither did Jose Padre. Great top control for the underdog. Fight of his career so far.
Cro Cop on the opening PPV fight...he had to win convincingly. I thought he looked good and aggressive. His grappling and sprawl were good. We'll see what happens when he fights a real FL put it, no one can "squash a can" like Mirko.
Fun night of fights. One thing though, the UFC has to find a way to get at least one five-rounder on every card. It just bugs me. DO it UFC!

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