Saturday, November 15, 2008

UFC 91: well well well

So professional wrestler Brock Lesnar is the UFC's heavyweight champ, if you didn't know. It's a tough event for me, UFC 91. Randy losing at any time makes me sad. He's a hero of mine. But he got beat fair and square, rocked several times, and pounded out. I thought Lesnar's chin was tested a couple times, and he came through with flying colors. Throwing that massive meathook out there pretty much means anything caught in front of it is going to get hurt. With those chair-cushion pecs and chicken legs he cuts basically the same figure as the dad from the Impossibles. But he won, fair an' fuckin' square. Sigh. Time just caught up with Randy, from the front and the back. I'm curious as to what his next step is.

The happy part of the night was Kenny Florian just tearing the shit out of Joe Daddy. I don't dislike Stevenson, but I am a Florian fan, and his performance was quite the thing to behold, especially after taking Daddy down and dominating such a good wrestler on the ground. I hope BJ actually gives enough of a shit to come back down to 155 and fight him...don't get me wrong, I don't think he's got a chance in hell of beating BJ Penn unless BJ loses a leg or something, but he deserves his shot.

Lil Heathen's uppercut KO of Dos Anjos was a thing to fucking behold. If you've got a Dos in your name...look the fuck out for the uppercut, whether to throw or dodge. I'm looking at you, Washington Dos Anjos.

Oh my, Brock Lesnar on Sportscenter as I write this. Interesting, guys are talking it up well. "He's dribbling his head!" Okay. Well, it's good to see UFC shown as a real live sport on ESPN instead of hearing fucking Michael Wilbon whine about it. Good on you ESPN.

I liked the amount of fights they showed, it was cool to see. Matt Brown showed a lot in a hard fought win, Demian Maia treated Nate Rock Quarry very impolitely, and Dustin Hazelett made us all go "OOOWWW" in the living room. What a sick display of BJJ from Maia and Hazelett. Gabe Gonzaga looked like total shit, and still KO'd the giant ball of fuckin dough they threw at him. Sorry Gabe, I liked your English (?) but you haven't shown me shit since KO'ing Cro Cop.

What in the living fuck is up with Jorge Gurgel, BJJ black belt, NEVER USING FUCKING BJJ IN FIGHTS? What is wrong with that guy? He had Mark Della Grotta in his corner...did he forget he's a jits guy? I've seen him fight three or four times and never once try to submit a guy! What the fuck!

Overall a solid card, with lots of excellent fights. I wish Randy had found a way through, but the man is far closer to 50 than not. I hope he gets one more shot at glory before he goes, perhaps against Big Nog if he can come through this heavyweight "tournament" with the unified belt. But honestly...right now I'm a little tired, and not overly thrilled with the fact that Lesnar is the titleholder. If anything interesting occurs to me I'll add it tomorrow after watching the Chargers lose again. And Clint, I was right about Maia-Quarry, so NYAH.

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