Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fitch doesn't get why this happened...

Kevin Iole put together a good article on the explosion with American Kickboxing Academy and the UFC. Apparently, based on Dana White's cursing, it's his call, too. He's pissed the AKA guys aren't "with the program", while Fitch is sticking with his point that he shouldn't have to sign away rights to his name and likeness for a lifetime, with nothing for his heirs should he pass away (and make money for the company with merchandise after he dies). Fitch notes there was a merchandising meeting recently. Dana White just trashes the fuck out of everyone at AKA, especially Cain Velasquez.
This is looking more and more fucked up. White is looking like he totally overreacted. While I don't see White's competition doing better than the UFC, I also can figure on high-level athletes taking this into account when considering MMA. The idea that Fitch and Koscheck could be booted from the UFC is hard to figure. Could be a great fucking windfall for the other promotions. I'd imagine that a LOT of fighters will be hesitant to give up lifetime rights. Imagine what happens if Thiago Alves doesn't want to give up rights...or any up and coming contender. You have what, GSP fight BJ Penn over and over? Hope Kurt Angle shows up? What the fuck.

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