Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fitch cut from the UFC

WOW! That's unreal...according to Luke Thomas at Bloody Elbow, the UFC cuts Jon Fitch because he wouldn't sign an agreement giving them lifetime rights to his likeness & name in video games. Fuck, I wouldn't sign that shit either. Christian "Who?" Wellisch was apparently cut for the same reason. American Kickboxing Academy, Fitch's camp, has some notable fighters on their roster, including Cain Velasquez, Mike Swick, and Josh Koscheck...I wonder what will happen with those guys?
This development looks like a win for Affliction, XFC, and Strikeforce to me. I wonder if Dana White is going to shitlist anyone who signs one of his shit-upon fightersWill there be lawsuits? UFC conceivably already had a signed agreement with Fitch to fight Akahiro Gono, is cutting him (Man!) a breach of that contract? Will the UFC's hubris finally cause some unionization efforts to kick into high gear?
Man! Unreal!

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