Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Famous parents: Ryan Couture

Cage Potato has an item that's supposed to be about Ryan Couture's amateur MMA debut, but instead veers off into talking about children of famous people doing what their parents did to get famous. He mentions Peyton Manning as a success, and Gloria Hemingway as a failure. Personally, I would have gone with Pete Rose Jr., as sports figures are more useful, as well as sports careers being a little less complicated, as Dr. Gregory Hancock Hemingway very much was.
If the idea was to contrast a successful career with a failed career, it may have been better to just stick to sports. Hemingway's youngest child wasn't even a failed writer, but a doctor. He struggled with fetishistic transvestitism his whole life, but from what I'm able to gather was never an "out" transvestite, or a fully "gender-reassigned" individual.
But I may be taking this too seriously. CP was just looking to make a cheap joke. Mission accomplished!

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