Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nick over at MMARatings.net brings up some very good points about the big seat-cushion-pec-having freak of nature man-mountain Brock Lesnar:

One thing we learned about Brock is that he's a natural fighter. Lesnar threw a wide variety of strikes beyond his jab and one-two, and seemed to have a good sense for when there were chances for him to strike and hurt his opponent, which is very important. His knees are going to give a lot of people fits, and he obviously has an enormous amount of power in his hands. We still haven't seen him eat really big shots, but he doesn't have a glass chin or no heart, because he just walked through the stiff shots Randy landed a couple of times.

I wondered about his chin too, and at least so far he's passed the test. A fight against Big Nog would be a challenge, that's for sure, but man...if you walk into one of those punches you're goin' out.
The whole article is good, I'd recommend reading through. And I TOLD YOU KENNY WOULD PULL IT OFF.

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