Thursday, November 20, 2008

TUF tonight

I'm watching the Ultimate Fighter, and I see Dana White's fucking fighter-robbing fat head, and he says "it's sad when fighters get robbed by bad judging". I guess I'm a bad judge, I totally agreed with the judges. Polakowski had a shot to win that second round, but once he got taken down, he blew it, and never escaped. He wasn't robbed.
Semi matchups: God I hope Junie gets murdered. He might. He's not much of a fighter, at least so far. Marshall-Bader could be a great fight, a classic matchup. I'm interested in the fact that they put Krystof up against a training partner from his own camp, a guy who he seems most concerned about. At least we're finally through the junk and get to see the better fighters of the house. All I ask is a bloody, horrific beating delivered by Efraim to Junie. I do think it's possible.
Of course, there's tons of drunk hillbillies fawning over Junie, so maybe he already spilled the beans and is in the final.


charles said...

Dana White should never speak of ethics, morals, and what is or isn't right or wrong.

Him saying someone was robbed doesn't make sense, that implies that Dana White thinks its wrong to rob people. I think we all know that isn't really how he thinks at all.

garth2 said...

i think he fucked up, in regards to the fighter's contract stuff and the video game manufacturers were like "d00d, wtf?!one" and he was all "ZOMG WTFBBQ!!!!" and had to try and slap around some fighters to get them in contracts.
That's my expert's perspective of course. Alternatively i could just sit in the corner and color

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