Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More on...uh...Lifetimelikeness-Gate

Dana White's main complaints, based on the one interview he's given (to Kevin Iole I believe) are related to fighters not being with his program, or realizing how bad the economy is, or giving him props for all his hard work. This just seems like spin, like playing for time. He knows those are all bullshit arguments. He does not say a single thing to respond to the objections Fitch has to giving up his image and name rights in a given venue for the rest of his life.
Jon Fitch is not an idiot, and he seems genuinely confused as to why this had to happen like it did. He does add the very retarded "it's a respect thing" but he does not claim any personal reasons for his decision other than that. Everything is business.
So we have White claiming people don't care how hard he works, what the economy is like, or what contract language Chuck Liddell agreed to. And we have Fitch saying "I tried to negotiate" and "Its confusing", and saying he wants to take care of his family.
At this early point I'm totally and completely on Jon Fitch's side. This seems like utterly ridiculous, ham-fisted bully business tactics, and it's making me wonder what they do to other fighters. I picture "You'll never work in this town again!" shit. What a huge clusterfuck. What, 20 years, ten years, that wasn't enough? That's just idiotic that Dana White would let this get where it is. Fucking idiotic. And Jon Fitch is NOT a person people are likely to hate on too hard. What a fuckup by White.

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